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MythBusters is a 60 minute science reality TV show on the Discovery Channel where science is used to test urban myths and legends. For example, in episode #14, "Sinking Titanic" the mythbusters crew tested whether or not a sinking ship would pull passengers under as it went down. While the crew claimed that myth to be false because a small ship would not pull them under even when they sat on top of it, many others have said that their results were inconclusive because a much larger ship could create much greater suction. Often after debunking a myth, the crew will expand the test by using modern technology that wasn't available when the myth was initiated or by adding a lot more explosives.

MythBusters Cast

Adam Savage .... Host
Jamie Hyneman .... Host
Kari Byron .... Builder
Tory Belleci .... Builder (2004+)
Grant Imahara .... Builder (2005+)
Robert Lee .... Narrator

MythBusters Trivia

The myths tested on the show are ruled to either be "busted", "plausible" or "confirmed". Busted means that the testing results deny the validity of the myth. Plausible can mean many things but basically it means that the myth couldn't be proven or disproven. Confirmed is self-explanatory.

Mythbusters is one of the Discovery Channel's highest rated shows. It's also one of its first shows to still be in production (as of 2012). Only "How It's Made" in the U.S. and "Daily Planet" in Canada have been on the air longer.

Most of the Mythbusters' episodes are shot in the San Francisco, California area but some episodes must go elsewhere when the myth can only be tested somewhere else. For example, some myths include animals that must be tested in the wild and aren't found in the Bay area.

Mythbusters always begins with a warning about not trying to repeat their dangerous experiments at home. There have been several minor injuries on the show. The town of Esparto, California suffered shaking and smashed windows when 500 pounds of ANFO (Mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil) was exploded during the filming of episode #143, "Knock Your Socks Off". Those mishaps pale in comparison to an event that took place on December 6, 2011! While testing how effective different types of projectiles are when fired from a cannon, a cannonball was acidentally shot into two homes and a minivan in Dublin, California. Fortunately no one was hurt. Adam Savage apologized but stated that the show would definitely continue.

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