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The My Living Doll TV show was a 30 minute comedy series with a sci-fi twist on CBS about a beautiful female robot whose scientist/inventor (Dr. Miller) was called away to an assignment in Pakistan. Dr. Miller decided to leave the robot in the care of a U.S. Air Force psychiatrist named Dr. McDonald. Bob decided to tell people that the robot was Dr. Miller's niece and named her Rhoda Miller in order to keep her inhumaness a secret. Rhoda's totally unemotional "personality" makes that difficult, and even worse, Dr. McDonald's neighbor, Peter Robinson, fell in love with Rhoda!

My Living Doll Cast

Robert Cummings .... Dr. Robert McDonald
Julie Newmar .... Rhoda Miller
Jack Mullaney .... Peter Robinson
Doris Dowling .... Irene McDonald Adams

My Living Doll Trivia

Rhoda Miller was developed through Air Force project "AF 709".

The My Living Doll TV show presented men with their ultimate fantasy ... an absolutely gorgeous woman who spoke only when spoken to and did absolutely anything she was asked! Rhoda was never "taken advantage of" on the show but the inuendos never let the viewers forget the possibilities. With the changing attitudes and development of feminism that would develop over the next decade, it's unlikely that My Living Doll would have made it to television much later than it did in the mid-1960s.

Bob Cummings ("Love That Bob") suddenly left My Living Doll with five episodes remaining to be filmed! The writers explained Dr. McDonald's disappearance by having him transferred to Pakistan in order to assist Rhoda's inventor, Dr. Miller. They had Peter Robinson accidentally discover that Rhoda was a robot and he took over as her caretaker.

The My Living Doll TV show had some pretty major competition for an audience. It started out on Sunday nights from 9:00 to 9:30PM against the blockbuster NBC series, "Bonanza" which also happened to draw a mostly male audience. In the middle of December it was moved to Wednesday nights from 8:00 to 8:30PM and had to contend with another top NBC western series, "The Virginian"!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Boy Meets Girl (9/27/1964)
  2. Rhoda's First Date (10/4/1964)
  3. Uninvited Guest (10/11/1964)
  4. Lesson in Love (10/18/1964)
  5. Rhoda's Debut (10/26/1964)
  6. Something Borrowed, Something Blew (11/1/1964)
  7. Love Machine (11/8/1964)
  8. Beauty Contest (11/15/1964)
  9. Leave 'Em Laughing (11/22/1964)
  10. My Robot, the Warden (11/29/1964)
  11. Just Lucky, I Guess (12/6/1964)
  12. Language Barrier (12/13/1964)
  13. Little White Lies (12/16/1964)
  14. Day in Court (12/23/1964)
  15. Mechanical Perfection (12/30/1964)
  16. Pool Shark (1/6/1965)
  17. Rhodas Forgery (1/13/1965)
  18. Kleptomaniac (1/20/1965)
  19. The Lie (1/27/1965)
  20. Robotic Astronaut (2/3/1965)
  21. The Witness (2/10/1965)
  22. Boy Gets Robot (2/17/1965)
  23. Dancing Doll (2/24/1965)
  24. The Mannequin (3/3/1965)
  25. Murder He Says (3/10/1965)
  26. Brother Harry (3/17/1965)

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