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My Friend Flicka Cast

Series Description

The My Friend Flicka TV show was family drama series about a young boy and his horse and their lives together on the Goose Bar Ranch in Montana right around the turn of the cenury (1900). It was the very first series ever produced by 20th Century Fox studios.

My Friend Flicka Cast

Gene Evans .... Rob McLaughlin
Anita Louise .... Nell McLaughlin
Johnny Washbrook .... Ken McLaughlin
Frank Ferguson .... Gus Broeberg
Pamela Baird .... Hildy Broeberg
Hugh Sanders .... Sheriff Downey
Wahama .... Flicka


My Friend Flicka was produced at a time when television was making the transition from Black & White to Color. The episodes were filmed in Color but were originally broadcast on CBS in Black & White. Later, NBC re-broadcast them in Color.

The original concept for My Friend Flicka came from a book by Mary O'Hara. There was also a 1943 movie starring the (then) child star - Roddy McDowall. The book and movie were both also titled, "My Friend Flicka".

After My Friend Flicka ended, it spent several years in reruns and over the show's history, it moved from network to network many times. Beginning with the first broadcast and ending with the final reruns it went from: CBS to NBC to ABC to CBS to ABC and finally back to CBS!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. One Man's Horse (9/30/1955)
  2. Blind Faith (10/7/1955)
  3. A Case Of Honor (10/14/1955)
  4. A Good Deed (10/21/1955)
  5. Cavalry Horse (10/28/1955)
  6. The Accident (11/4/1955)
  7. The Stranger (11/11/1955)
  8. The Wild Horse (11/18/1955)
  9. Rogue Stallion (11/25/1955)
  10. The Little Secret (12/2/1955)
  11. Act Of Loyalty (12/8/1955)
  12. The Silver Saddle (12/16/1955)
  13. The Phantom Herd (12/23/1955)
  14. The Little Visitor (12/30/1955)
  15. The Golden Promise (1/6/1956)
  16. Black Dust (1/13/1956)
  17. The Night Rider (1/20/1956)
  18. The Settler (1/27/1956)
  19. Wind From Heaven (2/3/1956)
  20. The Whip (2/10/1956)
  21. The Runaways (2/17/1956)
  22. The Cameraman (2/24/1956)
  23. Old Danny (3/2/1956)
  24. Rough And Ready (3/9/1956)
  25. The Royal Carriage (3/16/1956)
  26. Mister Goblin (3/23/1956)
  27. Rebels In Hiding (3/30/1956)
  28. Lock, Stock & Barrel (4/6/1956)
  29. The Unmasking (4/13/1956)
  30. Refuge For The Night (4/20/1956)
  31. Against All Odds (4/27/1956)
  32. The Old Champ (5/4/1956)
  33. The Medicine Man (5/11/1956)
  34. When Bugles Blow (5/18/1956)
  35. The Recluse (5/25/1956)
  36. The Foundlings (6/1/1956)
  37. Growing Pains (6/8/1956)
  38. Lost River (6/15/1956)
  39. Big Red (6/22/1956)

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