Mrs. G. Goes To College

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Mrs. G. Goes To College Cast

Series Description

The Mrs. G. Goes To College TV show was a situation comedy series about an elderly woman who's husband died and she decided to go on with her life by entering college.


Gertrude Berg .... Sarah Green
Cedric Hardwicke .... Professor Crayton
Mary Wickes .... Maxfield
Skip Ward .... Joe Caldwell
Marion Ross .... Susan Green
Leo Penn .... Jerry Green
Aneta Corsaut .... Irma Howell
Paul Smith .... George Howell
Karyn Kupcinet .... Carol

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The First Day (10/4/1961)
  2. First Test (10/11/1961)
  3. Sam's Car (10/18/1961)
  4. Loney Sunday (10/25/1961)
  5. Mrs. G. Meets Doctor Hennessey (11/1/1961)
  6. The Baby Affair (11/8/1961)
  7. Crayton On TV (11/15/1961)
  8. Red, Red Rose (11/22/1961)
  9. Romance For Maxie (11/29/1961)
  10. The Trouble With Crayton (12/6/1961)
  11. The Teacher (12/13/1961)
  12. Mrs. G. Meets The Faculty (12/20/1961)
  13. Mrs. G's Private Telephone (12/27/1961)

    Note: Starting now, the name of the series was changed to "The Gertrude Berg Show".

  14. Maxie's Silent Partner (1/11/1962)
  15. Mrs. G. Versus The Kingston Trio (1/18/1962)
  16. Sunday Dinner (1/25/1962)
  17. The Mother Affair (2/1/1962)
  18. Peace Corps (2/8/1962)
  19. Goodbye, Mr. Howell (2/15/1962)
  20. How Now, Brown Cow? (2/22/1962)
  21. High Finance (3/1/1962)
  22. One Of Our Books Is Missing (3/8/1962)
  23. Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight (3/15/1962)
  24. Gentleman Caller (3/22/1962)
  25. Dad's Day (3/29/1962)
  26. The Bird (4/5/1962)

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