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Monty Python and the Flying Circus Cast

Series Description

The Monty Python and the Flying Circus TV show was a 30 minute British comedy series that aired on BBC1 for its first three seasons and on BBC2 for its final season. It featured a compilation of unusual comedy skits that caused one's eyes to "tear up" from laughter. This was not comedy like you've ever seen before and your stomach may "turn" a little while you're "cracking up". We've all seen how funny a pie in someone else's face or someone slipping on a banana can be even though it's sad for the victim. Well, this show took that type of humor a step or two ... or three ... or four ... further.

Monty Python Cast

Note: All Cast played in Various Roles on the TV show

John Cleese
Eric Idle
Michael Palin
Graham Chapman
Terry Gilliam
Terry Jones
Carol Cleveland
Connie Booth
Ian Davidson

Monty Python Trivia

John Cleese has a law degree from Downing College, Cambridge University.

The writers for Monty Python originally wanted to call the show "It's". They thought it would be funny to start each program with a charachter who appears to be about to say the name but after just saying "It's" would have something terrible happen to them so they couldn't finish. "Circus" was used because people at the BBC generally referred to the Cast running all over the BBC offices as a "Circus". They added "Flying" to make it sound more like something from the first World War. Then, John Cleese suggested "Python" and "Monty" was Eric Idle's idea.

Actually, there were many other names considered for the show. Some of them include: "A Horse, a Bucket and a Spoon", "A Toad Elevating Moment", "Bun, Whackett, Buzzard, Stubble and Boot" and "Sex and Violence".

John Cleese first appeared on American television in 1964 on the "Ed Sullivan Show". He was one member of the Footlights Stage Show "Cambridge Circus".

After the "Holy Grail" movie, Eric Idle was asked what the next movie would be called. He jokingly answered, "Jesus Christ - Lust For Glory". After mentioning it to the other writers, they thought it might not be such a bad idea. No one had ever done anything like it before but after thinking it through (for quite some time) they decided that one just couldn't make jokes about Christ and make it work. This was the idea that led to the movie "Life of Brian" however.

Episodes List (Syndicated - No Airdates):

Season 1

  1. Whither Canada? (10/5/1969)
  2. Sex And Violence (10/12/1969)
  3. How To Recognize Different Types Of Tree From Quite A Long Way Away (10/19/1969)
  4. Owl-Stretching Time (10/26/1969)
  5. Man's Crisis Of Identity In The Latter Half Of The Twentieth Century (11/16/1969)
  6. The BBC Entry To The Zinc Stoat Of Budapest (11/23/1969)
  7. You're No Fun Anymore (11/30/1969)
  8. Full Frontal Nudity (12/7/1969)
  9. The Ant, An Introduction (12/14/1969)
  10. Untitled -- Walk-On Part Of Sketch (12/21/1969)
  11. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes To The Bathroom (12/28/1969)
  12. The Naked Ant (1/4/1970)
  13. Intermission (1/11/1970)
Season 2
  1. Dinnsdale (9/15/1970)
  2. The Spanish Inquisition (9/22/1970)
  3. Show 5 (9/29/1970)
  4. The Buzz Aldrin Show (10/20/1970)
  5. Live From The Grill-O-Mat Snack Bar (10/27/1970)
  6. School Prizes (11/3/1970)
  7. The Attila The Hun Show (11/11/1970)
  8. Archeology Today (11/17/1970)
  9. How To Recognize Different Parts Of The Body (11/24/1970)
  10. Scott Of The Antarctic (12/1/1970)
  11. How Not To Be Seen (12/8/1970)
  12. Spam (12/15/1970)
  13. Royal Episode 13 (12/22/1970)
Season 3
  1. Njorl's Saga (10/19/1972)
  2. Mr. & Mrs. Brian Norris' Ford Popular (10/26/1972)
  3. The Money Programme (11/2/1972)
  4. Blood, Devastation, Death, War, And Horror (11/9/1972)
  5. The All-England Summarize Proust Competition (11/16/1972)
  6. The War Against Pornography (11/23/1972)
  7. Salad Days (11/30/1972)
  8. The Cycling Tour (12/7/1972)
  9. The Nude Man (12/14/1972)
  10. E. Henry Tripshaw's Disease (12/21/1972)
  11. Dennis Moore (1/4/1973)
  12. A Book At Bedtime (1/11/1973)
  13. Grandstand (1/18/1973)
Season 4
  1. The Golden Age Of Ballooning (10/31/1974)
  2. Michael Ellis (11/7/1974)
  3. Light Entertainment War (11/14/1974)
  4. Hamlet (11/21/1974)
  5. Mr. Neutron (11/28/1974)
  6. Party Political Broadcast (12/5/1974)
Theatrical Movies

And Now For Something Completely Different (12/1/1971)
Monty Python And The Holy Grail (4/1/1975)
Life Of Brian (8/17/1979)
The Meaning Of Life (4/1/1974)

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