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The Monkees Cast

Series Description

The Monkees TV show was a 30 minute musical comedy series on NBC about the goofy mishaps of the four members of a struggling rock band. Each episode had a fast-paced, silly plot and also featured a couple of the Monkees' songs.

The Monkees Cast

Davy Jones .... Davy
Micky Dolenz .... Micky
Michael Nesmith .... Mike
Peter Tork .... Peter

Theme Song

Title: "The Monkees"

Written By: "Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart"

Here we come
Walking down the street
We get the funniest looks from
Everyone we meet.

Hey, hey we're the Monkees,
and people say we monkey around.
But we're too busy singing,
to put anybody down.

We're just trying to be friendly,
Come watch us sing and play.
We're the young generation,
And we got something to say.

Hey, hey we're the Monkees,
You never know where we'll be found.
So you'd better get ready,
We may be comin to your town.

The Monkees Trivia Questions:

Answers are at the bottom of this page

1. What was the first album without Peter Tork?
2. What instrument did Peter Tork play on "Pleasant Valley Sunday"?
3. With what record label did both Mike & Davey record solo recordings before becoming The Monkees?
4. What was "Randy Scouse Git" released as in England?
5. What Beatles movie is often referred to as inspiring the Monkees TV show?
6. What song features Peter Tork's first vocal?
7. What two songs were newly recorded for the Monkees 30th anniversary album, Justus?
8. Which Beatle was mentioned in "No Time"?
9. What album knocked "Headquarters" out of the #1 slot?
10. What famous guitarist played on "You and I"?
11. Who produced the Monkees last album "Changes"?
12. What was the first single to feature a Davy Jones lead?
13. Who played guitar on "Mary, Mary"?
14. Who was the album coordinator of the "Head" soundtrack?
15. What Micky Dolenz song went to #2 in England?
16. What hit song appeared on the Monkees TV show two years before it was released?
17. What Bill Martin song was refused by Don Kirshner?
18. What song appeared in two different versions on one of the TV show episodes?
19. In the TV episode "Too Many Girls" under what name does Mike sing "Different Drum"?
20. In "The Spy Who Came In From The Cool" what singing duo do the enemy agents pretend to be?
21. In "Monkees Chow Mein" what future "MASH TV Show" cast member plays an American agent?
22. In "Everywhere A Sheik Sheik" what body parts do Davy Jones and Colette love about each other?
23. In "Monkees In Texas" what TV show theme plays as Micky and Peter enter the town?
24. In "The Monkees Mind Their Manor" who does Jack Williams the custom man imitate while singing?

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... Royal Flush (9/12/1966)
2... Monkee See, Monkee Die (9/19/1966)
3... Monkee vs. Machine (9/26/1966)
4... Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers (10/3/1966)
5... The Spy Who Came In From The Cool (10/10/1966)
6... Success Story (10/17/1966)
7... Monkees In A Ghost Town (10/24/1966)
8... Gift Horse (10/31/1966)
9... The Chaperone (11/7/1966)
10. The Monkees (11/14/1966)
11. Monkees A'La Carte (11/21/1966)
12. I've Got A Little Song Here (11/28/1966)
13. One Man Shy (12/5/1966)
14. Dance, Monkees, Dance (12/12/1966)
15. Too Many Girls (12/19/1966)
16. Son Of A Gypsy (12/26/1966)
17. Case Of The Missing Monkee (1/9/1967)
18. I Was A Teenage Monster (1/16/1967)
19. Find The Monkees (1/23/1967)
20. Monkees In The Ring (1/30/1967)
21. The Prince And The Paupers (2/6/1967)
22. Monkees At The Circus (2/13/1967)
23. Captain Crocodile (2/20/1967)
24. Monkees A'La Mode (2/27/1967)
25. Alias Micky Dolenz (3/6/1967)
26. Monkees Chow Mein (3/13/1967)
27. Monkee Mother (3/20/1967)
28. Monkees On The Line (3/27/1967)
29. Monkees Get Out More Dirt (4/3/1967)
30. Monkees Manhattan Style (4/10/1967)
31. Monkees At The Movies (4/17/1967)
32. Monkees On Tour (4/24/1967)

Season 2

33. A Nice Place To Visit (9/11/1967)
34. The Picture Frame (9/18/1967)
35. Everywhere A Sheik, Sheik (9/25/1967)
36. Monkee Mayor (10/2/1967)
37. Art For Monkees' Sake (10/9/1967)
38. 99 Pound Weakling (10/16/1967)
39. Hillbilly Honeymoon (10/23/1967)
40. Monkees Marooned (10/30/1967)
41. The Card Carrying Red Shoes (11/6/1967)
42. Wild Monkees (11/13/1967)
43. A Coffin Too Frequent (11/20/1967)
44. Hitting The High Seas (11/27/1967)
45. Monkees In Texas (12/4/1967)
46. Monkees On The Wheel (12/11/1967)
47. The Christmas TV Show (12/26/1967)
48. Fairy Tale (1/8/1967)
49. Monkees Watch Their Feet (1/15/1967)
50. Monstrous Monkee Mash (1/22/1967)
51. Monkees Paw (1/29/1967)
52. The Devil And Peter Tork (2/5/1967)
53. Monkees Race Again (2/12/1967)
TV Special: Hey, Hey, It's The Monkees (2/17/1967)
54. Monkees In Paris (2/19/1967)
55. Monkees Mind Their Manor (2/25/1967)
56. Some Like It Lukewarm (3/4/1967)
57. Monkees Blow Their Minds (3/11/1967)
58. Magecogeo (3/25/1967)

Monkees Feature Film:

Head (11/6/1968)

Monkees TV Specials

Thirty-Three and One-Third Revolutions per Monkee (4/14/1969)
Hey, Hey It's The Monkees (2/17/1997)

The Monkees Trivia Answers:

Answers are at the bottom of this page

1. Instant Replay
2. Keyboards
3. Colpix
4. Alternate Title
5. It's often stated that the Beatles' film, "A Hard Day's Night", inspired the Monkees TV show.
6. Your Auntie Grizelda
7. "Circle Sky" AND "You And I"
8. Ringo
9. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
10. Neil Young
11. Jeff Barry
12. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
13. Glen Campbell
14. Jack Nicholson
15. Mr. Clean
16. Valleri
17. I'm Just One Of Your Toys
18. "I Wanna Be Free" on the pilot episode
19. Billy Ray Hodstetter
20. Honey and The Bear
21. Mike Farrell
22. Hair, eyes, nose, mouth, neck and you.
23. The theme from the TV show, "Gunsmoke"
24. Dean Martin ("Dean Martin Show")

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