Mentors TV Show

Series Description

The Mentors TV show was a 30 minute Canadian fantasy series that aired on Canada's Family Channel. It was about a boy genius who used his computer to somehow bring famous historical figures from the past into the present. As an example, he and his sister "summoned" Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, and Joan of Arc in the first three episodes.

Mentors Cast

Chad Krowchuk .... Oliver Cates
Belinda Metz .... Anne Cates
Sarah Lind .... Dee Sampson
Shaun Johnston .... Roy Cates
Davina Stewart .... Ellen Sampson
Stevie Mitchell .... Simon Cates
Samantha Krutzfeldt .... Crystal Cates
Daryl Shuttleworth .... Ted Sampson
Brian Martell .... Norm Cates
Jane Sowerby .... Peggy Cates

Mentors Trivia

Oliver named the computer that he programmed to bring people from the past to the present, "VisiCron".

The historical figures that appeared on the Mentors TV show would help Oliver and his sister with their problems. Their sharing of experience with them is the reason that the series was named Mentors.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. The Genius (6/12/1999)
  2. Smart Aleck (6/19/1999)
  3. Raising The Siege (6/26/1999)
  4. Lewis In Wonderland (7/3/1999)
  5. Little Emperor (7/10/1999)
  6. Wilde Card (7/17/1999)
  7. A Ninth Of Beethoven (1/16/2000)
  8. A Transient, Shining Trouble (1/23/2000)
  9. The Presence Of St. Nick (2/6/2000)
  10. The Raven (3/5/2000)
  11. Harriet's Path (3/12/2000)
  12. The Crush (3/19/2000)
  13. The Rescue (3/26/2000)
Season 2
  1. The Truth Is In Here (8/18/2001)
  2. Her Grace Under Pressure (8/25/2001)
  3. Dear Diary (9/1/2001)
  4. The Glory Trail (9/8/2001)
  5. Right Place, Right Time (9/15/2001)
  6. Nothing But Net (9/22/2001)
  7. Father's Day (9/29/2001)
  8. The Book Of Love (10/6/2001)
  9. Stranger In A Strange Land (10/13/2001)
  10. The Fire Ship (10/20/2001)
  11. Klondike Daze (10/27/2001)
  12. Seer And Now (11/3/2001)
  13. Future Tense (11/10/2001)

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