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Men In Trees Cast

Series Description

Men In Trees was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about a female author of two best-selling relationship books whose own relationship died when she found out that her fiance had cheated on her. After cancelling her wedding, she found herself snowed into a small Alaskan town that she was visiting on a book tour. It was just the thing she needed as it just happened to be full of gorgeous, single men!

Men In Trees Cast

Anne Heche .... Marin Frist
James Tupper .... Jack Slattery
Suleka "Sue" Mathew .... Sara
Derek Richardson .... Patrick Bachelor
Timothy Webber .... Jerome
Emily Bergl .... Annie O'Donnell
Abraham Benrubi .... Ben Thomasson
Cynthia Stevenson .... Celia Bachelor
John Amos .... Buzz Washington
Sarah Strange .... Theresa
Lauren Tom .... Mai Washington
Seana Kofoed .... Jane
Ty Olsson .... Sam

Men In Trees Trivia

Many people pronounce the star of Men in Trees' last name "Hesh" but it's actually pronounced "Haytch".

Just in case you're a big Anne Heche fan, Anne's sister, "Susan Bergman" wrote a book titled, "Anonymity" about their family and Anne has written an autobiography titled, "Call Me Crazy".

Men in Trees began with some top writing and directing talent! Scripts were written by, "Jenny Bicks", the head writer for the series, "Sex and the City". The director was, "James Mangold" who won an Academy Award for the 2005 film, "Walk the Line". James was also the Executive Producer of the series.

Many fans feel that Men in Trees didn't have a chance at a third season. ABC moved the time slot for the series a total of six times in two seasons and it also suffered two long gaps in broadcasting during its run (one due to a writers' strike, the other due to its "temporary" replacement by the series, "October Road"). It didn't help any that "October Road" got better ratings (which were still not good enough and also ended in cancellation). Fans kept thinking that Men in Trees had been canceled and switched channels, destroying any chance for the series to gain a signifigant audience.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Men in Trees - The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/12/2006)
  2. Power Shift (9/15/2006)
  3. For What It's Worth... (9/22/2006)
  4. Sink or Swim (9/29/2006)
  5. Talk for Tat (10/6/2006)
  6. The Caribou in The Room (10/13/2006)
  7. Ladies Frist (10/20/2006)
  8. The Buddy System (10/27/2006)
  9. The Menaissance (11/10/2006)
  10. New York Fiction - Part 1 (11/30/2006)
  11. New York Fiction - Part 2 (12/7/2006)
  12. The Darkest Day (1/11/2007)
  13. History Lessons (1/18/2007)
  14. Bed, Bat & Beyond (1/25/2007)
  15. Take It Like a Man (2/1/2007)
  16. Nice Girls Finish Frist (2/8/2007)
  17. The Indecent Proposal (2/15/2007)
Men in Trees - The Second Season
  1. A Tree Goes in Elmo (10/12/2007)
  2. Chemical Reactions (10/19/2007)
  3. No Man is an Iceland (10/26/2007)
  4. I Wood If I Could (11/2/2007)
  5. The Girl Who Cried Wolf - Part 1 (11/9/2007)
  6. Nice Day For a Dry Wedding - Part 2 (11/16/2007)
  7. Sea Change (11/23/2007)
  8. Sweatering It Out (12/7/2007)
  9. Charity Case (2/27/2008)
  10. Sonata in Three Parts (3/5/2008)
  11. Home, Seized Home (3/12/2008)
  12. Read Between the Minds (3/19/2008)
  13. A Tale of Two Kidneys (3/26/2008)
  14. Get a Life (4/2/2008)
  15. Wander / Lust (4/16/2008)
  16. Kiss and Don't Tell (4/23/2008)
  17. New Dogs, Old Tricks (5/28/2008)
  18. Surprise, Surprise (6/4/2008)
  19. Taking the Lead (6/11/2008)

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