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Series Description

The McClain's Law TV show was a 60 minute police action series on NBC about a former cop who was retired from the force after an injury made him "unfit" for duty. After 15 years of working his own fishing boat, he & his partner sold the boat. His partner was robbed of the funds from the boat and then killed. McClain was not happy with the job that police are doing to find his partner's killers. Against the wishes of the chief of detectives, he got reinstated to the homicide division and solved the case himself. The series continued with the main theme being the difference of opinion between McClain and the Chief of Detectives on how to solve cases. McClain wanted results and his boss wanted things done strictly by the book.

McClain's Law Cast

James Arness .... Detective Jim McClain
Marshall Colt .... Detective Harry Gates
Carl Franklin .... Detective Jerry Cross
George DiCenzo .... Lieutenant Edward DeNisco
Conchata Ferrell .... Vangie Cruise

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. McClain's Law (11/20/1981)
  2. Requiem For A Narc (11/27/1981)
  3. A Time Of Peril (12/4/1981)
  4. Let The Victims Beware (12/11/1981)
  5. Portrait Of A Playmate (12/18/1981)
  6. To Save The Queen (1/8/1982)
  7. A Matter Of Honor (1/15/1982)
  8. The Sign Of The Beast - Part 1 (1/22/1982)
  9. The Sign Of The Beast - Part 2 (1/29/1982)
  10. What Patrick Doesn't Know (2/5/1982)
  11. Green Light (2/12/1982)
  12. Takeover (3/6/1982)
  13. From The Mouths Of Babes (3/13/1982)
  14. Use Of Deadly Force (2/19/1982)
  15. The Last Hero (3/20/1982)

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