The Master

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The Master Cast

Series Description

The Master TV show was a 60 minute action series on NBC.

The Master Cast

Lee Van Cleef .... The Master
Timothy Van Patten .... Max Keller
Okasa .... Sho Kosugi

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Master - The First And Only Season

  1. Max (1/20/1984)
  2. Out-Of-Time Step (1/27/1984)
  3. State Of The Union (2/3/1984)
  4. Hostages (2/10/1984)
  5. High Rollers (3/2/1984)
  6. Fat Tuesday (3/9/1984)
  7. Juggernaut (3/16/1984)
  8. The Good, The Bad And The Priceless (3/23/1984)
  9. Kunoichi (4/6/1984)
  10. The Java Tiger (4/13/1984)
  11. Failure To Communicate (5/4/1984)
  12. Rogues (8/10/1984)
  13. A Place To Call Home (8/31/1984)

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