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Series Description

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a teenage boy named Dobie Gillis who cared excluselively about the only thing any teenage boy cares about ... teenage girls! He had one girl in particular that he particularly desired (played by Tuesday Weld) but so did two rich playboy teenagers (one of whom was played by a very young Warren Beatty!). Dobie also had a genius, nerdy female friend who was determined to make Dobie her boyfriend and a beatnik and not too bright best friend named Maynard Krebs (played by Bob Denver, star of "Gilligan's Island") who constantly got Dobie into trouble.

Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Cast

Dwayne Hickman .... Dobie Gillis
Bob Denver .... Manard G. Krebs
Sheila James Kuehl .... Zelda Gilroy
Frank Faylen .... Herbert T. Gillis
Florida Friebus .... Winifred "Winnie" Gillis
Roy Hemphill .... Virgil T. Gillis
Angelo De Meo .... Osbourne's Chauffeur
Joyce Van Patten .... Maude Promfritt
William Schallert .... Mr. Leander Pomfritt
Warren Beatty .... Milton Armitage
Tuesday Weld .... Thalia Menninger

Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Opening Narrative

(Dwayne Hickman as Dobie Gillis sitting with his elbow on his knee and his chin resting on his fist, looking exactly like the statue of Rodin's "The Thinker" which was directly behind him. The camera zoomed on him and he told the audience what he had been thinking about. This varied from episode-to-episode. The following is from the very first one:)

"My name is Dobie Gillis and I like girls. What am I saying? I love girls! Love 'em! Beautiful, gorgeous, soft, round, creamy girls. Now, I'm not a wolf, mind you. No, you see a wolf wants lots of girls, but me? Well, I just want one. One beautiful, gorgeous, soft, round, creamy girl for my very own. That's all I want! One lousy girl! But I'll tell you a sad, hard fact. I'm never gonna get a girl. Never. Why? Because to get a girl you need money. And standing between me and money is a powerful obstacle: a Powerful obstacle!"

(Then the scene changed to the stern face of Dobie's father, Herbert T. Gillis.)

Theme Song

Title: "Dobie"

By: "Max Shulman & Lionel Newman"

Dobie, wants a little cutie,
Dobie, wants a little beauty,
Dobie want a gal to call his own
Any size, any style, any eyes, any smile, any Jean, any Jane, nay Joan.

Oh Dobie, wants a girl who is dreamy,
Dobie, wants a girl who's creamy,
Dobie, wants a girl to call his own.
Is she blond, is she tall, is she dark, is she small, Is she any kinda dreamboat at all
No matter, he's hers and hers alone.

Dobie Gillis Trivia

The Gillis Family's home address was 285 Norwood Street; Central City. They also operated a grocery store at the same address.

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis was not Dwayne Hickman's first major role on a TV series. He appeared for several seasons on "Love That Bob" before landing the lead role on this series.

Dobie Gillis, like most teenage boys, adored the best-looking girl in town even though her looks were about the only thing she had going for her. She was greedy and self-centered and constantly pushed Dobie into finding a career where he would earn tons of money.

Halfway through the second season of the Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Maynard and Dobie become privates in the Army and get into just as much trouble there as they did at home. They were discharged from the Army by the beginning of the third season and enrolled in St. Peter Prior Junior College, still no closer to deciding what they might do with their lives and still getting into one jam after another.

Poor Dobie Gillis just simply had no idea how to "attack" life. At the beginning and end of each episode, Dobie would be seen in Central City's park next to a statue of "The Thinker". You know ... the one that has its elbow on its knee and its chin resting on its fist with a totally confused look on its face. Dobie would be in the same position, just as confused as the statue appeared to be!

The TV movie that aired on May 10, 1977, fifteen years after this series ended, and was titled, "Whatever Happened to Dobie Gillis?" Most viewers probably believed that it was just intended as a reunion movie but it was actually meant to be a pilot for a new series. Zelda had eventually snared Dobie and they had a teenage son! Dobie had become a partner in his family's grocery store. Maynard was still anti-social even though he was now well into middle age. By the way, Maynard was played by actor Stephen Paul in this pilot rather than by Bob Denver.

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis had to compete for viewers with some pretty decent shows in its time slot including "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp", "The Virginian", and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" but, luckily, all of those were serious series and didn't compete for the sitcom audience.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Caper at the Bijou (9/29/1959)
  2. The Best Dressed Man (10/6/1959)
  3. Love Is a Science (10/13/1959)
  4. The Right Triangle (10/20/1959)
  5. Maynard's Farewell to the Troops (11/3/1959)
  6. The Sweet Singer of Central High (11/10/1959)
  7. Greater Love Hath No Man (11/17/1959)
  8. The Old Goat (11/24/1959)
  9. Dobie Gillis: Boy Actor (12/1/1959)
  10. It Takes Two (12/8/1959)
  11. Dobie's Birthday Party (12/15/1959)
  12. Deck the Halls (12/22/1959)
  13. Couchville, USA (12/29/1959)
  14. The Gaucho (1/5/1960)
  15. The Smoke-Filled Room (1/12/1960)
  16. The Fist Fighter (1/19/1960)
  17. The Hunger Strike (1/26/1960)
  18. The Flying Millicans (2/2/1960)
  19. Room at the Bottom (2/9/1960)
  20. The Power of Positive Thinking (2/16/1960)
  21. Dobie Spreads a Rumor (2/23/1960)
  22. Love Is a Fallacy (3/1/1960)
  23. The Chicken from Outer Space (3/8/1960)
  24. Rock-a-Bye Dobie (3/15/1960)
  25. Taken to the Cleaners (3/29/1960)
  26. That's Show Biz (4/5/1960)
  27. The Prettiest Collateral in Town (4/12/1960)
  28. Live Alone and I Like It (4/19/1960)
  29. The Big Sandwich (4/26/1960)
  30. Soup and Fish (5/3/1960)
  31. Where There's a Will (5/10/1960)
  32. Put Your Feet in Our Hands (5/17/1960)
  33. Competition Is the Life of Trade (5/24/1960)
  34. The French, They Are a Funny Race (5/31/1960)
  35. The Unregistered Nurse (6/7/1960)
  36. The Long Arm of the Law (6/14/1960)
  37. Here Comes the Groom (6/21/1960)
  38. A Taste of Lobster (6/28/1960)
  39. Dobie's Navy Blues (9/13/1960)
Season 2
  1. Who Needs Elvis? (9/27/1960)
  2. You Ain't Nothin' But a Houn' Dog (10/4/1960)
  3. Baby Talk (10/18/1960)
  4. Dobie Goes Beatnik (10/25/1960)
  5. The Mystic Powers of Maynard G. Krebs (11/1/1960)
  6. The Face That Stopped the Clock (11/15/1960)
  7. Maynard G. Krebs, Boy Millionaire (11/22/1960)
  8. Around My Room in 80 Days (11/29/1960)
  9. Drag Strip Dobie (12/6/1960)
  10. Jangle Bells (12/20/1960)
  11. Parlez-Vous English (12/27/1960)
  12. The Day the Teachers Disappeared (1/3/1961)
  13. What's My Lion? (1/10/1961)
  14. The Big Question (1/24/1961)
  15. Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife? (1/31/1961)
  16. The Bitter Feud of Dobie and Maynard (2/7/1961)
  17. Zelda, Get Off My Back (2/14/1961)
  18. I Was a High School Scrooge (2/21/1961)
  19. Will Success Spoil Dobie's Mother? (2/28/1961)
  20. The Second Childhood of Herbert T. Gillis (3/7/1961)
  21. Dobie Versus the Machine (3/14/1961)
  22. Baby Shoes (3/21/1961)
  23. I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Solider, Salior, or Marine (3/28/1961)
  24. The Chicken Corporal (4/4/1961)
  25. The Solid Gold Dog Tag (4/11/1961)
  26. The Battle of Maynard's Beard (4/18/1961)
  27. Spaceville (4/25/1961)
  28. Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Wow (5/2/1961)
  29. Dobie Plays Cupid (5/9/1961)
  30. Like Father, Like Son, Like Trouble (5/16/1961)
  31. Be it Ever So Humble (5/23/1961)
  32. Aah, Yer Fadder Wears Army Shoes (5/30/1961)
  33. Everything But the Truth (6/6/1961)
  34. Goodbye Mr. Pomfritt, Hello Mr. Chips (6/13/1961)
  35. Take Me to Your Leader (6/20/1961)
  36. This Ain't The Way We Used to Do It (6/27/1961)
Season 3
  1. Ruptured Duck (10/10/1961)
  2. Dobie, Dobie, Who's Got Dobie? (10/17/1961)
  3. Move Over, Perry Mason (10/24/1961)
  4. The Fast White Mouse (10/31/1961)
  5. The Gigolo (11/7/1961)
  6. Dig, Dig, Dig (11/14/1961)
  7. Eat , Drink, and be Merry.. for Tomorrow: Ker-boom (11/21/1961)
  8. The Richest Squirrel in Town (11/28/1961)
  9. The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World (12/5/1961)
  10. This Town Ain't Big Enough for Me and Robert Browning (12/12/1961)
  11. Have Reindeer, Will Travel (12/19/1961)
  12. Crazylegs Gillis (12/26/1961)
  13. Blue Tail Fly (1/2/1962)
  14. I Do Not Choose to Run (1/9/1962)
  15. Happiness Can't Buy Money (1/16/1962)
  16. Magnificent Failure (1/23/1962)
  17. For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls (1/30/1962)
  18. Girls Will Be Boys (2/13/1962)
  19. Marriage Counselor (2/20/1962)
  20. The Big Blunder and Egg Man (2/27/1962)
  21. The Frat's in the Fire (3/6/1962)
  22. Like, Oh Brother (3/13/1962)
  23. Birth of a Salesman (3/20/1962)
  24. Names My Mother Called Me (3/27/1962)
  25. Dobie Gillis: Wanted Dead or Alive (4/3/1962)
  26. The Truth Session (4/10/1962)
  27. I Remember Mau Mau (4/17/1962)
  28. Sweet Success of Smell (4/24/1962)
  29. When Other Friendships Have Been Forgot (5/1/1962)
  30. I Was a Boy Sorority Girl (5/8/1962)
  31. It Takes a Heap o' Livin' to Make a Cave a Home (5/15/1962)
  32. Back-to-Nature Boy (5/22/1962)
  33. How to Cheat an Honest Man (5/29/1962)
  34. Bachelor Father... and Son (6/5/1962)
  35. Like Low Noon (6/12/1962)
  36. An American Strategy (6/19/1962)
Season 4
  1. A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to a Funny Thing (9/26/1962)
  2. What's a Little Murder Between Friends? (10/3/1962)
  3. Northern Comfort (10/10/1962)
  4. The Ugliest American (10/17/1962)
  5. A Splinter Off the Old Block (10/24/1962)
  6. What Makes the Varsity Drag? (10/31/1962)
  7. Like Hi, Explosives (11/7/1962)
  8. Where Is Thy Sting? (11/14/1962)
  9. Flow Gently, Sweet Money (11/21/1962)
  10. Strictly for the Birds (11/28/1962)
  11. The Iceman Goeth (12/5/1962)
  12. Doctor Jekyll and Mister Gillis (12/12/1962)
  13. Will the Real Santa Claus Please Come Down the Chimney (12/19/1962)
  14. Who Did William Tell? (1/2/1963)
  15. Too Many Kooks Spoil the Broth (1/9/1963)
  16. Vocal Boy Makes Good (1/16/1963)
  17. All Right, Dobie, Drop the Gun (1/23/1963)
  18. And Now a Word from Our Sponsor (1/30/1963)
  19. Two for the Whipsaw (2/6/1963)
  20. The Moon and No Pence (2/13/1963)
  21. The Beast with Twenty Fingers (2/20/1963)
  22. Thanks for the Memory (2/27/1963)
  23. Three Million Coins in the Fountain (3/6/1963)
  24. Beethoven, Presley, and Me (3/13/1963)
  25. The Little Chimp That Couldn't (3/20/1963)
  26. There's Always Room for One Less (3/27/1963)
  27. The General Cried at Dawn (4/3/1963)
  28. Now I Lay Me Down to Steal (4/10/1963)
  29. Lassie, Get Lost (4/17/1963)
  30. The Rice and Old Shoes Caper (4/24/1963)
  31. Requiem for an Underweight Heavyweight (5/1/1963)
  32. I Was a Spy for the F.O.B. (5/8/1963)
  33. There's a Broken Light for Every Broken Heart on Broadway (5/15/1963)
  34. Beauty Is Only Kin Deep (5/22/1963)
  35. The Call of the, Like, Wild (5/29/1963)
  36. The Devil and Dobie Gillis (6/5/1963)
TV Movies

Whatever Happened to Dobie Gillis? (5/10/1977)
Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis (2/21/1988)

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