Major Crimes

Major Crimes Cast

Series Description

Major Crimes is a 60 minute crime drama series on TNT. The show is a "spinoff" of the hit TNT series, "The Closer" and will continue to explore the inner-workings of the Los Angeles Police Department. The emphasis will now be on the solution of crimes via the LAPD's Major Crimes unit led by Captain Sharon Raydor who was a recurring character during the 5th-7th seasons of The Closer. Several other fan favorite characters from that series will be regulars on Major Crimes.

Major Crimes Cast

Mary McDonnell .... Captain Sharon Raydor
Tony Denison .... Detective Lieutenant Andy Flynn
G. W. Bailey .... Detective Lieutenant Louie Provenza
Raymond Cruz .... Detective Julio Sanchez
Michael Paul Chan .... Detective Lieutenant Michael Tao
Phillip P. Keene .... Buzz Watson
Kearran Giovanni .... Detective Amy Skyes
Graham Patrick Martin .... Rusty Beck
Robert Gossett .... Commander Russell Taylor
Jon Tenney .... Special Agent Fritz Howard

Major Crimes Trivia

The final six episodes of "The Closer" were produced predominantly as a lead-in to this new series.

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