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The Magician Cast

Series Description

The Magician TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on NBC. A rich magician used his magical talents to help people out of their problems, usually with criminals. In addition to his acting talents, Bill Bixby was actually a very accomplished magician in real life. The highly acclaimed magician, "Blackstone" gave the series his "thumbs up" for the authenticity of its magic.

The Magician Cast

Bill Bixby .... Anthony Blake
Jim Watkins .... Jerry Wallace
Keene Curtis .... Max Pomeroy
Todd Crespi .... Dennis Pomeroy
Joe Sirola .... Dominick

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Pilot Episode

The Magician (3/17/1973)

The First And Only Season

  1. The Manhunters (10/2/1973)
  2. The Vanishing Lady (10/9/1973)
  3. Illusion In Terror (10/23/1973)
  4. Lightning On A Dry Day (10/30/1973)
  5. Ovation For Murder (11/6/1973)
  6. Man On Fire (11/20/1973)
  7. Lady In A Trap (11/27/1973)
  8. The Man Who Lost Himself (12/11/1973)
  9. Nightmare In Steel (12/18/1973)
  10. Shattered Image (1/8/1974)
  11. The Curious Counterfeit - Part 1 (1/14/1974)
  12. Curious Counterfeit - Part 2 (1/21/1974)
  13. Stainless Steel Lady (1/28/1974)
  14. Queen's Gambit (2/4/1974)
  15. Black Gold (2/11/1974)
  16. Lost Dragon (2/18/1974)
  17. Deadly Conglomerate (2/25/1974)
  18. Fatal Arrow (3/4/1974)
  19. Lethal Playthings (3/18/1974)
  20. Cat's Eye (3/25/1974)
  21. Evil Spikes (4/15/1974)

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