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Madam Secretary Cast

Series Description

The Madam Secretary TV show is a 60 minute political drama series on CBS about a former CIA analyst named Elizabeth who left the bureau to take a job as a college professor. When the U.S. Secretary of State's plane crashes into the Atlantic ocean, Elizabeth is offered the job. She's known for her innovative methods and not everyone welcomes her idea of how to run the State Department. Those who thought they could "muscle" Elizabeth into the old ways soon learned differently! If you think a lady can't make a strong leader, this Madam Secretary is going to change your mind!

Madam Secretary Cast

Tea Leoni .... Secretary of State Elizabeth Faulkner McGill
Zeljko Ivanek .... Presidential Chief of Staff Russell Jackson
Bebe Neuwirth .... Nadine Tolliver (Secretary McGill's Chief of Staff)
Geoffrey Arend .... Matt Mahoney (Secretary McGill's Speech Writer)
Tim Daly .... Henry McGill (Elizabeth's Husband)
Keith Carradine .... President of the United States
Patina Miller .... Daisy Grant (Secretary McGill's Press Co-ordinator)
Katherine Herzer .... Caroline McGill (Elizabeth's Daughter)
Erich Bergen .... Blake Moran (Assistant to the Secretary of State)
Evan Roe .... Adam McGill (Elizabeth's Son)

Madam Secretary Trivia

Tea Leoni began her acting career as Lisa DiNapoli on the soap opera, "Santa Barbara" on six episodes in 1989. She's been seen on the big screen in movies including "Wyatt Earp (1994)", "Deep Impact (1998)", "Jurassic Park III (2001)", "Fun With Dick and Jane (2005)", "Tower Heist (2011)" and many others. She's also appeared on the 1992/1993 TV series "Flying Blind" for 22 episodes and the 1995-1998 series, "The Naked Truth" for 51 episodes.

Zeljko Ivanek was originally just guest-starring on the pilot episode of Madam Secretary but later joined the series as a regular.

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