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The Lois And Clark TV show was a 60 minute fantasy series on ABC which provided new adventures of Superman. The episodes placed much more emphasis on Superman/Clark's relationships with Lois Lane and his fellow workers at the Daily Planet than there was on his super-human abilities.

Lois And Clark Cast

Dean Cain .... Clark Kent / Superman
Teri Hatcher .... Lois Lane / Lois Kent
Lane Smith .... Perry White
Michael Landes .... Jimmy Olsen (1993-1994)
Justin Whalin .... Jimmy Olsen (1994-1997)
John Shea .... Lex Luthor
Eddie Jones .... Jonathan Kent
K Callan .... Martha Kent
Tracy Scoggins .... Cat Grant

Lois And Clark Trivia

At the end of the first season, Lois almost married Lex Luthor, only calling the marriage off at the altar. Then Lex Luthor died, only to return halfway through the next season and even more determined to defeat Superman who he blamed for his losing Lois.

At the time of this writing (September 2008), Teri Hatcher has pulled her nearly non-existant career from the grave by landing a starring role on the immensely popular series, "Desperate Housewives". Some of us remember Teri from her first credited role as "Amy" during the 1985-1986 season of "The Love Boat". Teri was one of a group of beautiful young woman on that series who performed musical/dance numbers for the cruise ship passengers. The group was called the "Loveboat Mermaids". We love ya Teri! Don't go away again!

One difference between Lois And Clark and other Superman TV series is that Lois Lane does eventually figured out that Clark Kent was Superman's secret identity. That happened on episode #43, the second season's final episode titled, "And the Answer Is ...".

Actor, "Gerard Christopher" was actually cast in the role of Clark Kent/Superman on Lois and Clark but after reading Gerard's resume, the casting director changed his mind! Gerard was the actor who played "Superboy" on the Superboy TV Show that had just ended 16 months earlier and the casting director hadn't had a clue! It's no wonder he had no problem "getting into" the part! Christopher has said that while being "fired" the casting director said, "you've done this already!"

Several times on Lois and Clark when we thought we were seeing the Metropolis Skyline, we were actually seeing the Chicago Skyline.

According to Lois and Clark's creator, "Deborah Joy LeVine", the reason that Michael Landes was fired from his role as Jimmy Olsen at the end of the first season was that it was felt he looked more like a little brother to Clark Kent than a photographer for a major metropolitan newspaper like the Daily Planet.

In 1995, Clark proposed marriage to Lois and she accepted. The marriage almost took place but then Superman decided to marry Zara, a young woman from his home planet Krypton. That doesn't happen either though and eventually Lois and Clark get it together and even discuss having a baby together by the final episodes of the TV show.

While Dean Cain played a great Superman, he had one reason to be able to relate more to Clark Kent. He has a fear of flying!

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