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The Logan's Run TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi series on CBS about a future Earth with limited resources. Their society lives in a collosal enclosed domed city. Their leaders have decided that the population must be limited to those under the age of thirty. On there 30th birthday, citizens must take part in a ritual where they are told they'll be "reborn". Actually, they're simply murdered! It's the job of a few citizens called "Sandmen" to pursue and kill any citizens who had figured out what was really going on and try to escape the dome to a place outside called "Sanctuary". When one of the sandmen came to the realization that those he had been killing are right in their beliefs ... that everyone dies at 30 ... he also runs while being pursued by his old partner!

Logan's Run Cast

Gregory Harrison .... Logan 5
Heather Menzies .... Jessica 6
Randy Powell .... Francis 7
Donald Moffat .... Rem

Logan's Run Trivia

In addition to using writers of the original Logan's Run novel, Logan's Run scripts were also written by writers from the original Star Trek series.

Theatrical Movie

Logan's Run - Starring Michael York and Farrah Fawcett. Was released the year before this series started and was the inspiration for this TV show.

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