Living Dolls

Living Dolls Cast

Series Description

The Living Dolls TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about four gorgeous teenage girls who were trying to become fashion models.

Living Dolls Cast

Michael Learned .... Trish Carlin
Leah Remini .... Charlie Briscoe
Halle Berry .... Emily Franklin
Deborah Tucker .... Caroline Weldon
Alison Elliott .... Martha Lambert
David Moscow .... Rick Carlin

Living Dolls Trivia

The Living Dolls TV show was a (kind of) "spinoff" of the popular "Who's the Boss TV show". The girls were not regular Cast on that series but they did appear in the Living Dolls roles on an episode.

Unlike the other girls who wanted to become super-models, Emily Franklin, was only interested in modeling as a way to pay for medical school.

The girls on Living Dolls lived with Trish Carlin, a former model herself, who acted as their substitute mother and guided them in their aspirations to become models. An interesting twist to the storyline was that Trish's 16-year-old son Rick lived with her and, therefore, also lived with the four young, beautiful girls. Rick didn't mind sharing his home one little bit and mom had one more problem to deal with ... her son's runaway hormones!

Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano occasionally guest-starred in their roles from Who's the Boss. On a few occasions when Trish had to go out of town, her sister Marion (played by Marion Ross of "Happy Days") would drop by to keep an eye on the Living Dolls.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Living Dolls - The First and Only Season

  1. It's All Done with Mirrors (9/26/1989)
  2. It's My Party (9/30/1989)
  3. Martha Means Well (10/7/1989)
  4. Seeing Is Believing (10/21/1989)
  5. Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner (11/4/1989)
  6. Rick's Model Girlfriend (11/11/1989)
  7. The Not So Sweet Smell of Success (11/18/1989)
  8. The Flash Is Always Greener (11/25/1989)
  9. He's Ba-aack! (12/2/1989)
  10. C Is for Model (12/9/1989)
  11. And I Thought Modelling Was Hard (12/16/1989)
  12. Beauty and the Beat (12/30/1989)

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