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The Lie To Me TV show is a 60 minute crime drama series on the FOX Network about a team of deception experts who hire out to law enforcement agencies and others as human lie dectectors. They utilize psychology, facial expressions, body language, and other techniques in order to tell whether suspects and witnesses are telling the truth.

Lie To Me Cast

Tim Roth .... Dr. Cal Lightman
Kelli Williams .... Dr. Gillian Foster
Brendan Hines .... Will Loker
Monica Raymund .... Ria Torres
Mekhi Phifer .... Agent Ben Reynolds (2009-2010)
Hayley McFarland .... Emily Lightman
Kristen Ariza .... Heidi (2009)
Jennifer Marsala .... Anna (2010-2011)
Monique Gabriela Curnen .... Detective Sharon Wallowski (2010-2011)
Jennifer Beals .... Zoe Landau (2009-2010)

Lie To Me Trivia

Dr. Cal Lightman and his associates work together under his company's name, "The Lightman Group". Dr. Lightman is based on the real-life Dr. Paul Ekman who is an eminent psycologist that has pioneered the study of emotional states and how they relate to facial expressions.

Prior to her role as Dr. Gillian Foster on Lie To Me, Kelli Williams was probably best known for her role as Lindsay Dole on the series, "The Practice".

Monica Raymund is a graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School. Apparently she got a good education there because right after graduation she landed a guest-starring role on the 200th episode of "Law & Order: SVU" that featured Robin Williams ("Mork & Mindy") and then was soon cast on Lie To Me!

Dr. Lightman and Ria Torres' talents really compliment each other but they also clash on occasion. Cal Lightman utilizes scientificly explainable techniques that analyze facial expressions that likely indicate truth or lies. Ria, on the other hand, just innately knows when people are lying. While Dr. Lightman acknowledges that Ria is successful at what she does, he still finds it hard to deal with something that he can't explain.

Kay Panabaker ("Summerland" and "Phil of the Future") played the role of Emily Lightman in the original Lie To Me pilot episode. The pilot was eventually reshot with Hayley McFarland in the role. Some fans did get to see the Panabaker version however because "Best Buy" stores gave their customers a free Dvd at the beginning of 2009 with that version on it. Kay has apparently been a pretty busy girl with her school studies. She graduated from high school at age 13 and from college at age 17! She's back to acting now in a big way too with two movies in production in 2010 and a starring role on the series, "No Ordinary Family" premiering in September of 2010!

Mekhi Phifer starred as Dr. Gregory Pratt for seven seasons (2002-2009) on the hit medical drama series, "ER".

Dr. Lightman decided to research facial expressions because of his mother commiting suicide. She was in a psychiatric hospital and convinced the doctors to give her a weekend pass because she was "doing fine". After her suicide Lightman realized that she was really suffering with terrible psychological problems but no one could tell that she was lying.

Lie To Me used a technique that is common on new TV shows in order to let the audience get to know the characters. In the first episodes Dr. Lightman and Ria would team up on a case while Loker and Foster would tackle a different one. Having only two characters to observe at a time allowed fans to identify better. As season one went on, the two seperate cases would occasionally interact, allowing fans to see how all four characters interacted with each other. Then eventually all of the characters began working together on more complex cases once we knew what to expect from them. Taking it slow at first is not a new concept developed by television. Character development is one of the main techniques used by authors for centuries. Knowing the characters well may make the action a bit slow at first but it makes remainder of the story (or TV series) so much more enjoyable.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (1/21/2009)
  2. Moral Waiver (1/28/2009)
  3. A Perfect Score (2/4/2009)
  4. Love Always (2/18/2009)
  5. Unchained (3/4/2009)
  6. Do No Harm (3/11/2009)
  7. The Best Policy (3/18/2009)
  8. Depraved Heart (4/1/2009)
  9. Life Is Priceless (4/8/2009)
  10. Better Half (4/22/2009)
  11. Undercover (4/29/2009)
  12. Blinded (5/6/2009)
  13. Sacrifice (5/13/2009)
Season 2
  1. The Core of It (9/28/2009)
  2. Truth or Consequences (10/5/2009)
  3. Control Factor (10/12/2009)
  4. Honey (10/19/2009)
  5. Grievous Bodily Harm (10/26/2009)
  6. Lack of Candor (11/9/2009)
  7. Black Friday (11/16/2009)
  8. Secret Santa (11/23/2009)
  9. Fold Equity (11/30/2009)
  10. Tractor Man (12/14/2009)
  11. Beat The Devil (6/7/2010)
  12. Sweet Sixteen (6/14/2010)
  13. The Whole Truth (6/21/2010)
  14. React to Contact (6/28/2010)
  15. Teacher and Pupils (7/12/2010)
  16. Delinquent (7/19/2010)
  17. Bullet Bump (7/26/2010)
  18. Headlock (8/2/2010)
  19. Pied Piper (8/16/2010)
  20. Exposed (8/23/2010)
  21. Darkness and Light (8/30/2010)
  22. Black and White (9/13/2010)
Season 3
  1. In the Red (10/4/2010)
  2. The Royal We (10/11/2010)
  3. Dirty Loyal (10/18/2010)
  4. Double Blind (10/25/2010)
  5. The Canary's Song (11/8/2010)
  6. Beyond Belief (11/15/2010)
  7. Veronica (11/22/2010)
  8. Smoked (11/29/2010)
  9. Funhouse (1/10/2011)
  10. Rebound (1/10/2011)
  11. Saved (1/17/2011)
  12. Gone (1/24/2011)
  13. Killer App (1/31/2011)

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