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Land of the Lost cast

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Series Description

The 1974 version of the Land of the Lost TV show was a 30 minute kids TV series on NBC about a park ranger who took his son and daughter on a river rafting trip. Suddenly there was an earthquake that opened a time portal and transported the trio back in time to the days of dinosaurs (and ficticiously ape-men). At the end of the second season, dad found a way back to present day and was replaced by Uncle Jack who rafted down the same river and was caught in the time portal himself. This cast change was necessary due to failed contract negotiations with Spencer Milligan.

Land of the Lost Cast

Spencer Milligan .... Park Ranger Rick Marshall (1974-1975)
Wesley Eure .... Will Marshall
Kathy Coleman .... Holly Marshall
Ron Harper .... Uncle Jack Marshall (1976)
Phillip Paley .... Cha-Ka
Walker Edmiston .... Enik
Jon Locke .... Sleestack Leader (1976-1977)

Land of the Lost Theme Song

Title: "Land of the Lost"

By: "Jimmy Haskel & Linda Laurie"

Marshall, Will, and Holly on a routine expedition
Met the greatest earthquake ever known.
High on the rapids it struck their tiny raft.
And plunged them down a thousand feet below.
To the Land of the Lost.
To the Land of the Lost.
To the Land of the Lost.

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