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The La Femme Nikita TV show was a 60 minute action series on the USA Network about a young woman who was wrongly convicted of the murder of a cop. After being sentenced to prison for life, she was released to a secret anti-terrorist organization known as "Section One". She was given a choice ... become an assasin for the section or be executed!

La Femme Nikita Cast

Peta Wilson .... Nikita
Roy Dupuis .... Michael Samuelle
Matthew Ferguson .... Seymour Birkoff
Don Francks .... Walter
Eugene Robert Glazer .... Operations
Alberta Watson .... Madeline

La Femme Nikita Trivia

La Femme Nikita was inspired by the 1990 French film classic of the same name. The film was also remade in the United States as, "Point Of No Return" in 1993. In both of those films, Nikita killed someone and was then found guilty. In the TV series, she didn't kill anybody but she still was found guilty!

For La Femme Nikita's first two seasons it was the highest rated series on any cable channel.

Peta Wilson was personally nominated for two awards for her role as Nikita. In 1998, she was nominated for a "Saturn Award" from the "Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films" as "Best Genre TV Actress". She lost that award to "Kate Mulgrew" for her role as "Captain Janeway" on the series, "Star Trek: Voyager". In 1999, Peta was nominated for a "Gemini Award" for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role". She lost that award to "Arsinee Khanjian" as "Lena" on the series, "Foolish Heart".

In the TV series' first episode titled, "Nikita", there was a scene where Nikita is sliding down through a garbage chute in a restaurant. That film was actually from the U.S. remake movie, "Point of No Return".

In season one, all of the episode's titles are one word in length. In season two, they're all two words long. Season three ... three words, etc.

La Femme Nikita was romantically attracted to Michael Samuelle, her immediate superior at Section One. He acted as if he had feelings for her too, but it was never really clear whether his feelings were true or just a way to control her.

Peta Wilson was born in Sydney, canceled. Her father was a Canadian Army Warrant Officer so she spent much of her childhood moving from one assignment to another. She worked as a model before moving to Los Angeles, California to study acting and eventually landing her leading cast role on La Femme Nikita. Her hobbies include cricket, painting, horseback riding, swimming, scuba diving and gardening.

La Femme Nikita was actually canceled at the end of season four. The hard core Nikita fans went crazy! There were thousands of fans who signed an online "renew Nikita" petition. More than 25,000 letters were sent to Warner Bros. studios and to the USA Network. A full page in "The Hollywood Reporter" them to bring La Femme Nikita back for a fifth season. It worked (kind of) and resulted in a fifth season, but only with eight episodes. That's still amazing though as networks rarely pay any attention to petitions or letters. They make their decision on a purely dollar and cents basis. If they don't feel that the series will be profitable for another season or if they have another series that they feel would be more profitable, you can usually kiss the series goodbye no matter what. But once in a great while they are convinced to give the series another chance.

Don Franks played the role of "Walter" on La Femme Nikita but he originally auditioned for the role of "Operations".

During the third season, newly appointed USA Network President, "Stephen Chao", made the ridiculous request that professional wrestlers be cast as terrorists on La Femme Nikita as a way to promote the WWF whose bouts were also being broadcast on USA. It made no sense whatsoever as the show and wrestling had totally different audiences.

For those of you who didn't watch La Femme Nikita, you might know Alberta Watson better as "Erin Driscoll" on the "Day Four" season of the "24 TV Show".

La Femme Nikita Opening Narrative

"I was falsely accused of a hideous crime and sentenced to life in prison. One night I was taken from my cell to a place called Section One, the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet. Their ends are just, but their means are ruthless. If I don't play by their rules, I die."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

1... Nikita (1/13/1997)
2... Friend (1/20/1997)
3... Simone (1/27/1997)
4... Charity (2/3/1997)
5... Mother (2/10/1997)
6... Love (2/17/1997)
7... Treason (2/24/1997)
8... Escape (3/3/1997)
9... Gray (3/10/1997)
10. Choice (4/7/1997)
11. Rescue (4/14/1997)
12. Innocent (4/21/1997)
13. Recruit (6/22/1997)
14. Gambit (6/29/1997)
15. Obsessed (7/20/1997)
16. Noise (7/27/1997)
17. War (8/3/1997)
18. Missing (8/10/1997)
19. Voices (8/17/1997)
20. Brainwash (9/21/1997)
21. Verdict (9/28/1997)
22. Mercy (10/5/1997)

Season 2

23. Hard Landing (1/4/1998)
24. Special Ops (1/11/1998)
25. Third Person (1/18/1998)
26. Approaching Zero (2/1/1998)
27. New Regime (3/1/1998)
28. Mandatory Refusal (3/8/1998)
29. Half-Life (3/22/1998)
30. Darkness Visible (3/26/1998)
31. Open Heart (4/5/1998)
32. First Mission (4/12/1998)
33. Psychic Pilgrim (4/19/1998)
34. Soul Sacrifice (6/14/1998)
35. Not Was (6/21/1998)
36. Double Date (6/28/1998)
37. Fuzzy Logic (7/5/1998)
38. Old Habits (7/12/1998)
39. Inside Out (7/26/1998)
40. Off Profile (8/2/1998)
41. Last Night (8/9/1998)
42. In Between (8/16/1998)
43. Adrian's Garden (8/23/1998)
44. End Game (8/30/1998)

Season 3

45. Looking For Michael (1/3/1999)
46. Someone Else's Shadow (1/10/1999)
47. Opening Night Jitters (1/17/1999)
48. Gates Of Hell (1/24/1999)
49. Imitation Of Death (3/7/1999)
50. Love And Country (3/21/1999)
51. Cat And Mouse (3/28/1999)
52. Outside The Box (4/4/1999)
53. Slipping Into Darkness (4/11/1999)
54. Under The Influence (4/25/1999)
55. Walk On By (4/25/1999)
56. Threshold Of Pain (6/6/1999)
57. Beyond The Pale (6/13/1999)
58. Hand To Hand (6/20/1999)
59. Before I Sleep (6/27/1999)
60. I Remember Paris (7/18/1999)
61. All Good Things (7/25/1999)
62. Third Party Ripoff (8/1/1999)
63. Any Means Necessary (8/8/1999)
64. Three Eyed Turtle (8/15/1999)
65. Playing With Fire (8/22/1999)
66. On Borrowed Time (8/29/1999)

Season 4

67. Getting Out Of Reverse (1/9/2000)
68. There Are No Missions (1/9/2000)
69. View Of The Garden (1/16/2000)
70. Into The Looking Glass (1/23/2000)
71. Man In The Middle (2/20/2000)
72. Love, Honor And Cherish (2/27/2000)
73. Sympathy For The Devil (3/5/2000)
74. No One Lives Forever (3/12/2000)
75. Down A Crooked Path (3/19/2000)
76. He Came From Four (4/2/2000)
77. Time To Be Heroes (4/16/2000)
78. Hell Hath No Fury (4/23/2000)
79. Kiss The Past Goodbye (6/25/2000)
80. Line In The Sand (7/2/2000)
81. Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate (7/16/2000)
82. Catch A Falling Star (7/23/2000)
83. Sleeping With The Enemy (7/30/2000)
84. Toys In the Basement (8/6/2000)
85. Time Out Of Mind (8/13/2000)
86. Face In The Mirror (8/20/2000)
87. Up The Rabbit Hole (8/27/2000)
88. Four Light Years Farther (8/27/2000)

Season 5

89. Deja Vu All Over Again (1/7/2001)
90. A Girl Who Wasn't There (1/14/2001)
91. In Through The Out Door (1/21/2001)
92. All The World's A Stage (2/4/2001)
93. The Man Behind The Curtain (2/11/2001)
94. The Evil That Men Do (2/18/2001)
95. Let No Man Put Asunder (2/25/2001)
96. A Time For Every Purpose (3/4/2001)

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