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Judging Amy was a 60 minute drama series on CBS about a female, Harvard-educated, corporate attourney who left the big business world of New York City. She moved, along with her mother and daughter, to Hartford, Connecticut to become a juvenile court Judge. Her mother worked for child welfare services so she was often familiar with the cases over which her daughter presided. The heart breaking cases of youths in crisis and the relationship between Amy and her mother provided lots of interesting script possibilities.

Judging Amy Cast

Amy Brenneman .... Judge Amy Madison Gray
Tyne Daly .... Maxine Gray
Richard T. Jones .... Bruce Van Exel
Marcus Giamatti .... Peter Gray
Jessica Tuck .... Gillian Gray
Jillian Armenante .... Donna Kozlowski
Karle Warren .... Lauren Cassidy
Dan Futterman .... Vincent Gray (1999-2001, 2004-2005)
Timothy Omundson .... Sean Potter (2000-2005)
Kevin Rahm .... Kyle McCarty (2001-2004)

Judging Amy Trivia

Judging Amy was inspired by the real-life experiences of Amy Brenneman's Mother.

Tyne Daly is best known for her role as "Detective Mary Beth Lacey" on the series, "Cagney & Lacey". Her brother is Tim Daly, the star of the "Wings TV Show" and more recently, "Private Practice".

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