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Jonny Quest was a 30 minute, animated kids TV show that aired in prime time on ABC for its first season and then in syndication for its second and final season. It was about an eleven-year-old boy who travelled the globe, saving the world from evil with his father who was a scientist.

Jonny Quest Characters

Tim Matheson .... Jonny Quest
John Stephenson .... Dr. Benton Quest (1964)
Don Messick .... Dr. Benton Quest (1964-1965)
Mike Road .... Roger "Race" Bannon
Danny Bravo .... Hadji

Jonny Quest Trivia

The Jonny Quest TV show was a Hanna-Barbera production that was extremely realistic for a cartoon series in the 1960s.

The show was also one of the first cartoon series to air in prime time.

Jonny Quest was so popular that it ran in reruns during Saturday morning children's programming on all three major networks. It appeared on CBS from 1967-1970, back on ABC from 1970-1972, and NBC finally aired it for a new generation from 1979-1980!

Race Bannon was a bodyguard for Johnny and his dad and boy did they need him! Hadji was typically involved in Johnny's adventures. He was a young boy from India who was also Johnny's good friend. Johnny's miniature bulldog, "Bandit" also tagged along.

The Jonny Quest TV show was in a pretty decent time slot for children! The 7:30PM slot on Friday evenings did present a problem between some kids and their dads though. CBS was running the hit western series, "Rawhide" at the same time. Then on December 31, 1964, Jonny Quest was moved to Thurdays at 7:30 were it had to compete with "The Munsters" on CBS and "Daniel Boone" on NBC. Both of those shows were also largely targeted at kids.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Mystery of the Lizard Men (9/18/1964)
  2. Antarctic Splashdown (9/25/1964)
  3. The Curse of the Anubis (10/2/1964)
  4. Pursuit of the Po Ho (10/9/1964)
  5. Riddle of the Gold (10/16/1964)
  6. Treasure of the Temple (10/23/1964)
  7. Calcutta Adventure (10/30/1964)
  8. The Robot Spy (11/6/1964)
  9. Double Danger (11/13/1964)
  10. Shadow of the Condor (11/20/1964)
  11. Skull and Double Crossbones (11/27/1964)
  12. The Dreadful Doll (12/4/1964)
  13. A Small Matter of Pygmies (12/11/1964)
  14. Dragons of Ashida (12/18/1964)
  15. Turu the Terrible (12/25/1964)
  16. The Fraudulent Volcano (12/31/1964)
  17. Werewolf of the Timberland (1/7/1965)
  18. Pirates from Below (1/14/1965)
  19. Attack of the Tree People (1/21/1965)
  20. The Invisible Monster (1/28/1965)
  21. The Devil's Tower (2/4/1965)
  22. The Quetong Missile Mystery (2/11/1965)
  23. The House of the Seven Gargoyles (2/18/1965)
  24. Terror Island (2/25/1965)
  25. Monsters in the Monastery (3/4/1965)
  26. The Sea Haunt (3/11/1965)
Season 2

NOTE: Second season aired in syndication. Air dates varied from station to station.

  1. Aliens Among Us
  2. Deadly Junket
  3. Forty Fathoms Into Yesterday
  4. Vikong Lives
  5. The Scourge of Skyborg
  6. Monolith Man
  7. Peril of the Reptilian
  8. Nightmares of Steel
  9. Skullduggery
  10. Temple of Gloom
  11. Creeping Unknown
  12. Secret of the Clay Warriors
  13. Warlord of the Sky

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