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Series Description

The John Forsythe Show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a retired Air Force Major who inherited a girls school. He and the lady principal of the school had one disagreement after the other about how the school should be operated. The Major, after all, was a bachelor and had no idea of how to deal with females of any age, much less the students at his school.

John Forsythe Cast

John Forsythe .... Major John Foster
Elsa Lanchester .... Miss Margaret Culver
Ann B. Davis .... Miss Wilson
Guy Marks .... Ed Robbins
Peggy Lipton .... Joanna
Brooke Forsythe .... Norma Jean
Darleen Carr .... Kathy
Page Forsythe .... Marcia
Pamelyn Ferdin .... Pamela
Tracy Stratford .... Susan

John Forsythe Show Trivia

The girls school was very exclusive and was located in San Francisco, California.

One of the students (Marcia) was played by Page Forsythe who was John Forsythe's real-life daughter.

John Forsythe starred on several other popular TV shows including, "Bachelor Father (1957)", "To Rome With Love (1969)", "Charlie's Angels (1976)" (As the voice of Charlie), and "Dynasty (1981)".

About halfway through the series' only season, Major Foster and his buddy Ed Robbins became undercover agents for a secret government agency. The messes they got into added to the comedy antics of the show. They continued to interact with the school, it's employees and the students. The "spy" aspect was simply added into the scripts.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

John Forsythe - The First And Only Season

  1. The Terrifying Inheritance Of Major John Foster (9/13/1965)
  2. Little Miss Egghead (9/20/1965)
  3. Miss Culver, Won't You Please Come Home? (9/27/1965)
  4. 'Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost (10/11/1965)
  5. Time Of The Goat (10/18/1965)
  6. The Nightingale Of Koorbahu (10/25/1965)
  7. That Little Old Matchmaker (11/8/1965)
  8. Super Girl (11/15/1965)
  9. Duty And The Beast (11/22/1965)
  10. Oh, What A Tangled Web (11/29/1965)
  11. A Waltzing We Will A Go-Go (12/6/1965)
  12. The Daring Escape (12/13/1965)
  13. Anyone For Marriage? (12/20/1965)
  14. Miss Foster's Military Academy (12/27/1965)
  15. The Bainbridge Curse (1/3/1966)
  16. The Major's Big Beat (1/10/1966)
  17. Anyone For A Fat Lip? (1/17/1966)
  18. If Food Be The Music Of Love (1/24/1966)
  19. Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It's Miss Culver! (2/7/1966)
  20. The Cupid Caper (2/14/1966)
  21. Funny, You Don't Look Like A Spy (2/21/1966)
  22. School For Spies (2/28/1966)
  23. Mission To Italy (3/7/1966)
  24. On An Island With You And You And You (3/14/1966)
  25. It Takes A Heap Of Sergeants (3/21/1966)
  26. If I Were A Prince (3/28/1966)
  27. Doctor Soo (4/4/1966)
  28. From Russia With Chaos (4/11/1966)
  29. Get Me To The Execution On Time (4/18/1966)

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