The Jimmy Stewart Show

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The Jimmy Stewart Show

Series Description

The Jimmy Stewart Show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a widowed anthropology professor who has remarried to a much younger woman. His son from his first marriage, his daughter-in-law and his grandson move in with the professor when their home burns down. Much of the comedy revolved around the fact that the professor's son and his wife were about the same age. The professor also had a son with his new wife that is the same age as his grandson.

Jimmy Stewart Show Cast

James Stewart .... Professor Jim Howard
Julie Adams .... Martha Howard
John McGiver .... Luther Quince
Jonathan Daly .... Peter "P.J." Howard
Kirby Furlong .... Jake Howard
Dennis Larson .... Teddy Howard
Ellen Geer .... Wendy Howard

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. By Way Of Introduction (9/19/1971)
  2. Love In A Briefcase (9/26/1971)
  3. The Price Of Plumbing Is Numbing (10/3/1971)
  4. The Father And Son Game (10/10/1971)
  5. Another Day, Another Scholar (10/17/1971)
  6. A Hunch In Time (10/24/1971)
  7. The Identity Crisis (10/31/1971)
  8. Guest Of Honor (11/7/1971)
  9. Pro Bono Publico (11/14/1971)
  10. A Bunk For Unc (11/21/1971)
  11. A Run For City Commissioner (11/28/1971)
  12. Period Of Readjustment (12/5/1971)
  13. Luther's Last Love (12/19/1971)
  14. Cockadoodle Don't (12/26/1971)
  15. As The Escrow Flies (1/2/1972)
  16. Eighty-Nine Pounds Of Love (1/9/1972)
  17. The Quarterback Ache (1/16/1972)
  18. Aunt's In My Pants (1/23/1972)
  19. Paper Work (1/30/1972)
  20. Song Of The Jailbird (2/6/1972)
  21. Price Is Right (2/13/1972)
  22. Jim's Decision (2/20/1972)
  23. Old School Ties (3/5/1972)
  24. A Bone Of Much Contention (3/12/1972)

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