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Series Description

The Jesse TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a single mom in her mid-twenties. The show took place in Buffalo, New York, USA. It explored the challenges that face most young single mothers and how they balance their roles of mother, worker, ex-wife, girlfriend and friend.

Jesse Cast

Christina Applegate .... Jesse Warner
Bruno Campos .... Diego Vasquez
Liza Snyder .... Linda Vasquez
Jennifer Milmore .... Carrie
David DeLuise .... Darren Warner
George Dzundza .... John Warner Sr.
John Lehr .... John Warner Jr.
Eric Lloyd .... "Little" John Warner
Kevin Rahm .... Doctor Daniel 'Danny' Kozak (1999-2000)

Jesse Trivia

Early in the series, Jesse's son "Little John" had an interesting way of dealing with the guys who would "hit on" his mother. He would run up to them, hug them and yell "Daddy!" Obviously, that cost Jesse a lot of dates!

Christina Applegate started her career in show business at 5 months old in a Playtex diaper commercial. She got her big break in 1987 when she landed her role as "Kelly Bundy" on the series, "Married With Children (1987)" which became the #1 show on the Fox Network.

Christina got to work with a few of her fellow "Married With Children" Cast on "Jesse". David Faustino portrayed a car dealer on episode #11, "The Best Possible Deal". "Married With Children" was even referred to a couple of times in that episode! Amanda Bearse directed episode #12, "The Mischievous Elf" and episode #18, "Cecil, The Angry Postman". Charles "Chip" Esten portrayed a cheating groom on episode #13, "My Casual Friend's Wedding". He had guest-starred on Married With Children as Kelly Bundy's cheating groom on that series very last episode!

Bruno Campos was born in Rio de Janeiro but was raised in Brazil, Toronto, Bahrain, & Houston. If that wasn't enough travel, at age 14, he studied at the Interlochen Arts Acadamey in Michigan and then majored in drama at Northwestern University. Amazingly, he got his first big break back in Brazil by landing the starring role in the movie, "O Quatrilho (1996)". Now a foreign film role rarely translates to an American acting career, but that particular film won an Oscar for "Best Foreign Film" and got Bruno some excellent exposure!

When you speak of George Dzundza, don't pronounce the "D's" in his last name. It's pronounced "Zun-za".

David DeLuise is the son of Dom DeLuise. In 1983, he appeared in the TV movie, "Happy" along with his father, mother and both brothers! Talk about a "family affair"!

Eric Lloyd appeared in a computer commercial at 1 1/2 years old. He also was a regular cast member on "The Wonder Years (1988)" from 2 to 5 years old.

Kevin Rahm portrayed a doctor on this show and would later play a doctor again on the series, "Judging Amy (1999)". At one time he meant to become a lawyer in real life. He studied pre-law at Brigham Young University until 1996 when he dropped out to become an actor.

Jesse Theme Song

Title: "Time For You"

Performed By: "The Tories"

Roll away
All the things tripping up your life.
You're not alone.
Seize the day
Go and solve the question in your mind,
Will love be found?

Time to be.
All the things that you've dreamed of.
Time to see
If the fairy tale comes true.
Time to see
If there's a shoulder you can lean on.
Time to be
Cause now it's time for you.

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