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The Jersey Shore TV show is a 60 minute reality series on MTV where eight twenty-somethings lived together and partied themselves into estacy in season one at the Jersey Shore, season two in Miami, Florida, back to the Shore in season three and to Italy in season four. At the time of this writing, the series is scheduled to return for a fifth season at the Jersey Shore on January 5, 2012.

Jersey Shore Cast

Paul Del "Pauly D" Vecchio
Jenni "JWoww" Farley
Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola
Vinny Guadagnino
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro
Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
Deena Nicole Cortese (2011-)
Angelina Pivarnick (2009-2010)

Jersey Shore Trivia

Deena Cortese originally auditioned for Jersey Shore but was not selected. Her personality and friendship with Snooki however made her the perfect choice to replace Angelina Pivarnick when she left the show in the second season. Angelina had previously been kicked off the show early in the first season when she refused to show up for work at the T-shirt shop.

Many fans ask how the cast members were selected to appear on Jersey Shore. There was a website (which still existed when this was written) at "" where applicants filled out a questionaire, sent MTV a photo and got instructions for how to submit an audition tape. Then the producers simply picked out the cast from the applicants that they thought would be characters that would garner high ratings. And no matter how you feel about the show, it obviously worked!

The Situation may have had a slight advantage over his competitors when he appeared on the eleventh season of "Dancing With the Stars". You see, he had worked as an exotic dancer for a while in 2004. It didn't do him a lot of good though as he came in ninth place beating only comedienne Margaret Cho, singer Michael Bolton and actor/singer David Hasselhoff ("Baywatch" and "Knight Rider").

The guys on Jersey Shore often refer to themselves as "Guidos". Somewhere around the 1970s to 1980s the term became used to describe a guy with an overtly macho attitude or extremely male. Before that however, the term referred to just the opposite. To a pathetic excuse for a man who tried to seem more manly by acting tough and tried to appear more successful by wearing knock off designer clothes and fake gold jewelry. The men tagged as guidos were typically but not always of Italian descent from the New York/New Jersey area. This author will let each reader decide for themselves which definition applies better to the guys on Jersey Shore.

Snooki claims to have gotten her nickname after becoming the first of her middle school classmates to make out with a boy.

One might think that Pauly D being nominated for the 2010 "America's Best DJ" competition proves that he's a great DJ but you have to take into consideration that there were 100 competitors nominated. Many of the better known DJs resented his being included in the nominations. Most fans who've seen him do his thing on Jersey Shore would probably disagree with them. He sure looks like he knows his stuff!

If you think that Vinny is pretty tame compared to the rest of the Jersey Shore cast, you're right. He's a college graduate who had plans to become a lawyer if his show business career didn't succeed. He's involved in social issues including rights for LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) teens having appeared in a public service announcement against kids being bullied due to the sexual preference. He's also been involved in animal rescue by finding homes for unwanted animals in his hometown.

Whether you love it or hate it you can't argue with the success of Jersey Shore. It has been seen by more viewers than any other show ever on MTV.

In addition to the regular episodes and specials listed below, there are also "after show (aka: after hours)" episodes where the Cast discuss what happened during the previous regular episode in more detail and explain things that happened but weren't show on TV.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. A New Family (12/3/2009)
  2. The Tanned Triangle (12/3/2009)
  3. Good Riddance (12/10/2009)
  4. Fade to Black (12/17/2009)
  5. Just Another Day at the Shore (12/31/2009)
  6. Boardwalk Blowups (1/7/2010)
  7. What Happens In The AC (1/14/2010)
  8. One Shot (1/14/2010)
  9. That's How The Shore Goes (1/21/2010)
  10. Before the Shore (Special) (1/27/2010)
  11. Jersey Shore Reunion (1/28/2010)

Season 2

  1. Goin' South (7/29/2010)
  2. The Hangover (8/5/2010)
  3. Creepin (8/12/2010)
  4. Breaking Up (8/19/2010)
  5. The Letter (8/26/2010)
  6. Not So Shore (9/2/2010)
  7. Sleeping with the Enemy (30 Minutes) (9/9/2010)
  8. All in the Family (9/16/2010)
  9. Dirty Pad (9/23/2010)
  10. Gone, Baby, Gone (9/30/2010)
  11. Girls Like That (10/7/2010)
  12. Deja Vu All Over Again (10/14/2010)
  13. Back Into the Fold (10/21/2010)
  14. Reunion Special (10/28/2010)

Season 3

  1. Back to the Shore (1/6/2011)
  2. It's Gonna Be An Interesting Summer (1/13/2011)
  3. Where's the Beach? (1/17/2011)
  4. Free Snooki (1/20/2011)
  5. Drunk Punch Love (1/27/2011)
  6. Should We Just Break Up? (2/3/2011)
  7. Cabs Are Here! (2/10/2011)
  8. The Great Depression (2/17/2011)
  9. Kissing Cousins (2/24/2011)
  10. A Cheesy Situation (3/3/2011)
  11. GTF - Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting (3/10/2011)
  12. A House Divided (3/17/2011)
  13. At The End Of The Day (3/24/2011)
  14. Reunion Special (3/31/2011)

Season 4

  1. From the First Fist Pump (Special) (7/28/2011)
  2. Going To Italia (8/4/2011)
  3. Like More Than A Friend (8/11/2011)
  4. Twinning (8/18/2011)
  5. Crime and Punishment (8/25/2011)
  6. And The Wall Won (9/1/2011)
  7. Fist Pump, Pushups, Chapstick (9/8/2011)
  8. Meatball Mashup (9/15/2011)
  9. Where Is My Boyfriend? (9/22/2011)
  10. Three Men and a Snooki (9/29/2011)
  11. Damage is Done (10/6/2011)
  12. Situation Problems (10/13/2011)
  13. Ciao Italia (10/20/2011)
  14. Reunion Special (10/20/2011)
Season 5
  1. Hurricane Situation (1/5/2012)
  2. Nothing But Nice (2/2/2012)
  3. One Man Down (1/12/2012)
  4. The Follow Game (2/9/2012)
  5. Dropping Like Flies (1/19/2012)
  6. Love at the Jersey Shore (2/16/2012)
  7. Free Vinny (1/26/2012)
  8. Sharp Objects (2/23/2012)
  9. The Truth Will Set You Free (3/1/2012)
  10. One Meatball Stands Alone (3/8/2012)
  11. We Are Family (3/15/2012)
  12. Reunion (3/22/2012)
Season 6
  1. Once More Unto the Beach - Part 1 (10/4/2012)
  2. No Shame, Good Integrity - Part 2 (10/4/2012)
  3. Toxic Shots Syndrome (10/11/2012)
  4. Blues, Balls & Brawls (10/11/2012)
  5. Merp Walk (10/18/2012)
  6. Let's Make It Official (10/25/2012)
  7. Great Meatballs of Fire (11/1/2012)
  8. Blooper Special: Breakdowns, Boobs and Bronzer (11/1/2012)
  9. Control the Crazy (11/8/2012)
  10. Make It Unofficial (11/15/2012)
  11. Restore The Shore (Special) (11/15/2012)
  12. Jersey Shore Dictionary Special (11/21/2012)
  13. Shore Shower (11/29/2012)
  14. Awkward (12/6/2012)
  15. Raining Men and Meatballs (12/13/2012)
  16. Best of Reunions (Special) (12/13/2012)
  17. The Icing on the Cake (12/20/2012)
  18. Season Six Reunion (12/20/2012)

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