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In the Beginning Cast

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The In the Beginning TV show was a 30 minute religious comedy series on CBS about a Father and a Nun who worked in the Nun's home neighborhood that was full of druggies, prostitutes, bums, alchoholics, and thieves. The Nun simply loved her job and the Father would have done just about anything to get out of there!

In the Beginning Cast

McLean Stevenson .... Father Daniel M. Cleary
Priscilla Lopez .... Sister Agnes
Priscilla Morrill .... Sister Lillian
Bobby F. Ellerbee .... Jerome Rockefeller
Jack Dodson .... Francis X. Barlow
Olivia Barash .... Willie

In the Beginning Trivia

There were four episodes of the In the Beginning TV show that were produced but did not air due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "The Poker Game", "The Kook", "Well Healed", and "Wedding for Thee".

In the Beginning had a pretty decent time slot on Wednesday nights at 8:30PM. It did have a formidable competitor on ABC which was airing the last half of the series, "Eight is Enough" but it also had the advantage of being sandwiched in between two of CBS's best sitcoms, "The Jeffersons" and "All in the Family"!

The setting for the In the Beginning TV show was Baltimore, Maryland.

While Father Cleary hated the neighborhood he worked in, Sister Agnes knew how to relate to the scumbags and would drag the Father, kicking and screaming, into situations that he found impossibly uncomfortable. Father Cleary was so irritated with Sister Agnes that he called her, "Attila the Nun"!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/20/1978)
  2. What's It All About? (9/27/1978)
  3. Father Cleary's Crisis (10/4/1978)
  4. The Good Thief (10/11/1978)
  5. Aggie's Love Story (10/18/1978)

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