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International Detective Cast

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The International Detective TV show was a 30 minute detective, drama series that aired on ITV in the United Kingdom and also aired in the U.S. on ABC. It followed Agent Ken Franklin on his cases as a private detective in New York City.

International Detective Cast

Arthur Fleming .... Agent Ken Franklin
Anthony Jacobs .... Inspector Cataldo
Nigel Green .... Montoro
Robert Ardern .... McNaughton
Millicent Martin .... Undercover Agent of the Burns Agency

International Detective Trivia

At the beginning of each International Detective episode, William J. Burns, head of the Burns Detective Agency would hand Agent Ken Franklin his assignment. Only the top of Burns' head and his hand were shown. His face was never shown throughout the series. While Franklin took his assignment, a narrator would say, "Though these stories are based on real cases from the secret files of the W.J.B. Detective agency, the names of clients and locations have been changed to protect their privacy".

A few of the International Detective episodes were featured in movie theaters by combining two episodes into what was known as a "short". That was simply a term for a film that was shorter than the typical movie!

Art Fleming began his acting career on Broadway at age four! Besides starring on International Detective, he also starred on the TV series, "The Californians". Art also was a top actor in TV commercials. Merv Griffin noticed him in a Trans World Arlines (TWA) commercial and the led to the job for which Art is probably best known. Merv Griffin was the creator of many game shows, one of them being "Jeopardy". Art had no game show host experience and doubted that he would be hired. Art's agent reminded him that he was an actor, so he should just act the role of a game show host at the audition! It worked and Art hosted that series for more than 11 years! Art didn't do much acting after that. His last acting role was on the "Starsky and Hutch TV Show" in episode #53 titled, "Death in a Different Place" which aired on October 15, 1977.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. The Conway Case (12/26/1959)
  2. The Carrington Case (1/2/1960)
  3. The Dimitrios Case (1/9/1960)
  4. The Cumberland Case (1/16/1960)
  5. The Winthrop Case (1/23/1960)
  6. The Whitley Case (1/30/1960)
  7. The Prescott Case (2/6/1960)
  8. The Dudley Case (2/13/1960)
  9. The Rose Bowl Case (2/20/1960)
  10. The Steibel Case (2/27/1960)
  11. The Brenner Case (3/6/1960)
  12. The Dennison Case (3/13/1960)
  13. The Barnaby Case (3/20/1960)
  14. The Oakland Case (3/27/1960)
  15. The Carter Case (4/3/1960)
  16. The Marino Case (4/10/1960)
  17. The Daniels Case (4/17/1960)
  18. The Kempton Case (4/24/1960)
  19. The Stevenson Case (5/1/1960)
  20. The Raffael Case (5/8/1960)
  21. The Bristol Case (5/15/1960)
  22. The Joplin Case (5/22/1960)
  23. The Santino Case (5/29/1960)
  24. The Bismark Case (6/5/1960)
  25. The Marlowe Case (6/12/1960)
  26. The Raschid Case (6/19/1960)
Season 2
  1. The Rosario Case (12/10/1960)
  2. The Rainis Case (12/17/1960)
  3. The Medina Case (12/31/1960)
  4. The Orlando Case (1/21/1961)
  5. The Sheridan Case (4/9/1961)
  6. The Somerset Case (4/16/1961)
  7. The Anthony Case (4/23/1961)
  8. The Dolores Case (4/30/1961)
  9. The Stanton Case (5/7/1961)
  10. The Dunster Case (5/21/1961)
  11. The Martos Case (5/28/1961)
  12. The Washington Case (6/6/1961)

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