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Inside Schwartz Cast

Series Description

The Inside Schwartz TV show was a 30 comedy series on NBC about the vice-president of operations of a pita sandwich chain and occasional minor league baseball sportscaster who got dumped by his girlfriend and has to re-enter the wonderful world of dating. Or maybe not so wonderful. He had a group of friends to give him advice, both good and (usually) bad about how to be successful in that endeavor.

Inside Schwartz Cast

Breckin Meyer .... Adam Schwartz
Miriam Shor .... Julie Hermann
Richard Kline .... Gene Schwartz
Bryan Callen .... David Cobert
Dondre T. Whitfield .... William Morris
Jennifer Irwin .... Emily Cobert
Maggie Lawson .... Eve Morris
Van Earl Wright .... Himself
Kevin Frazier .... Himself
Holly Morel .... Larry Bird's Voice

Inside Schwartz Trivia

There were four episodes of the Inside Schwartz TV show that were produced but did not originally air after Inside Schwartz was canceled. Their titles were: "It's All in the Footwork"; "Service, Schwartz"; "Bless Me Father, For I Have Fired You"; and "He Ain't Funny, He's My Brother".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/27/2001)
  2. Let's Go to the Videotape (10/4/2001)
  3. The Pinch Hitter (10/18/2001)
  4. Event Night (10/25/2001)
  5. Comic Relief Pitcher (11/29/2001)
  6. Roommates (12/6/2001)
  7. Play-Action Fake Boyfriend (12/20/2001)
  8. Eve's Date with Schwartz's Destiny (12/27/2001)
  9. Kissing Cousin (1/3/2002)

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