I Love Lucy Show

I Love Lucy Show

Series Description

The I Love Lucy Show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about a Cuban bandleader (Ricky) and his American, wacky, red-headed wife. Ricky was a headliner performer at the Tropicana Club and actually, a star. He really did love Lucy very much but love is not everything! He wished that she'd be satisfied to be a wife and mother. She also had enormous love for her husband, but longed to be a star just like Ricky. She would pull every trick in the book to perform at the Tropicana even though it was clear to everyone that she had no real talent. Occasionally she got a taste of show biz but, of course, she always messed up! Perhaps the best-known example was in I Love Lucy episode #30, "Lucy Does A Television Commercial". Lucy got hired to do a commercial about a health product called, "Vitameatavegamin". After several takes it becomes evident that the product is pretty high in alcohol content! Lucy ends out drunk by the end of the episode! In the fourth season of I Love Lucy, Lucy, Ricky and their landlords/friends the Mertzes headed for California where Ricky was being offered a movie contract. These episodes were especially popular as many people of that time had little or no opportunity to travel and it was very exciting to watch! Also, it gave the writers an opportunity to interact Lucy with many top celebrities of the day in California. This was the first program to be recorded directly on film rather than kineoscoped (filming a TV screen). It was also the first to use the "3 camera" process allowing the scenes to be filmed from different angles (That was actually Desi Arnaz's idea and became the industry standard)!

I Love Lucy Show Broadcast History:

Monday Nights from 9:00 to 9:30 PM on CBS during the entire series original run

I Love Lucy Cast

Lucille Ball .... Lucy Ricardo
Desi Arnaz .... Ricky Ricardo
William Frawley .... Fred Mertz
Vivian Vance .... Ethel Mertz

Theme Song

Title: "I Love Lucy"

Written By: "Harold Adamson and Eliot Daniel"

I Love Lucy and she loves me,
We're as happy as two can be,
sometimes we quarrel but then,
How we love making up again.

Lucy kisses like no one can,
She's my missus and I'm her man,
And life is heaven you see,
Cause I Love Lucy,
Yes I Love Lucy,
and Lucy loves me.

I Love Lucy Show Trivia Questions
Answers directly below questions

1.. In "The Kleptomaniac," what do Lucy and Ethel steal?
2.. What do the Ricardos hunt in the episode "The Camping Trip"?
3.. In which 1965 movie did Vivian Vance co-star with Tony Curtis?
4.. How many Emmys did the I Love Lucy Show win?
5.. What does little Ricky name his dog in the episode - Little Ricky
..... Gets A Dog?
6.. Which episode contained the longest laugh and how long was it?
7.. What was different about the opening credits for the TV show in syndication versus those originally aired?
8.. In which episode did the real life daughter and son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz both appear?
9.. Which 1953 I Love Lucy Show episode had more viewers than the inauguration of President
..... Eisenhauer, or the coronation of Queen Elizabeth?
10. On what ocean liner did the Ricardos and the Mertzes travel to Europe?
11. In what Classic Christmas movie did William Frawley co-star?
12. What scene did Lucille Ball brilliantly ad-lib in episode #19 - "The Ballet"?
13. Did the Mertzes own a dog?
14. In the episode "Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her" what book does she keep
..... throwing out her window?
15. Name two signifigant events that happened on January 19, 1953!
16. Which TV show episode was the first to use scenes shot on location?
17. In what 1946 Classic Murder Mystery does Lucille Ball play a secretary who attempts to
..... help her boss escape from a phony murder charge?
18. What was the name of the Frenchman who teaches Lucy the apache dance in "The Adagio"?
19. How did the show's writers choose Ethel and Lucy's jobs in "Job Switching"?
20. What was the name of the health food fanatic who rode along on Ethel and Lucy's trip
..... to Florida?
21. Did Lucille Ball ever use a "stage name"?
22. In what 1992 movie does Desi Arnaz Jr. play his father Desi Arnaz Sr.?
23. Why did the Lynn, Massachusetts PTA picket their local CBS television station?
24. What was the name of Lucy's salad dressing?
25. Ricardo was not the first choice for a last name. What was?
26. Which 1954 movie starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz was about a couple on their
..... honeymoon?
27. In "Lucy Does The Tango" what do Little Ricky and Bruce Ramsey hide?
28. Which I Love Lucy Show episode was based on the party that Desi Arnaz threw for Lucille
..... Ball on their 13th anniversary?
29. What TWO distinctions does Lucille Ball have with TV Guide Magazine?
30. Ethel once said that Fred's mother looked like a weasel. What did she finally say
..... to apologize?
31. Many famous stars played themselves on the show. Name 4.
32. What was Desi Arnaz's full name?
33. How many different hair colors did Lucille Ball have during her career?

Before the TV show, there was an I Love Lucy radio show, but it unfortunately only aired the pilot episode on February 26, 1952. Lucille Ball, however, did appear on the highly successful My Favorite Husband Radio Show which aired for 126 episodes from July 23, 1948 through March 31, 1951! That program was very similar to I Love Lucy in that Lucille Ball played a "ditsy" wife who was always getting into trouble.

Episode #26, "The Marriage License" was the first episode of a television program that was watched in more than 10 million homes!

I Love Lucy Show Trivia Answers
Questions are directly above.

1.. An Elephant
2.. Ducks
3.. "The Great Race"
4.. Five
5.. Fred
6.. "Lucy Does The Tango" had a 65 second long laugh.
7.. A valentine heart was used in syndication. Animated stick figures of Lucille Ball,
..... Desi Arnaz, and Phillip Morris cigarettes were used originally.
8.. In the final I Love Lucy Show episode, "The Ricardos Dedicate A Statue".
9.. "Lucy Goes To The Hospital" - the episode where Little Ricky is born.
10. The "Constitution"
11. "Miracle On 34th Street"
12. Lucy's foot getting stuck in the practice bar was really an accident!
13. They had a dog named Butch in episode #3 - "The Diet" but he was never mentioned again!
14. The "Mockingbird Murder Mystery"
15. Lucille Ball gave birth to little Ricky on the show and to Desi Arnaz Jr. in real life on the same day!
16. "First Stop"
17. "The Dark Corner"
18. Jean Valjean Raymand
19. They simply looked through the Yellow Pages.
20. Mrs. Grundy
21. Lucille Ball changed her name to Diane Belmont early in her modelling career
22. "The Mambo Kings" starring Armand Assante and Antonio Banderas
23. They felt the show was broadcast too late for their children to stay up and watch!
24. Aunt Martha's Old Fashioned Salad Dressing
25. The first choice for the last name of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz 's charachters was
..... "Lopez", but they decided that the names didn't sound "real"! (Lucy Lopez?) The tv
..... show was originally to be called the Lucy and Larry Lopez Show.
26. "The Long, Long Trailer"
27. Baby chickens
28. "Hollywood Anniversary"
29. Lucille Ball was on the first cover of TV Guide Magazine AND was on more
..... covers than anyone else!
30. "I'm sorry your mother looks like a weasel!"
31. Here are the ones we've found: William Holden in episode 113, Hedda Hopper in #117,
..... Cornel Wilde in #122, Rock Hudson in # 123, Van Johnson in #124, Harpo Marx in
..... #125, Richard Widmark in #127, John Wayne in #129, Bob Hope in #154, & Orson
..... Welles in #156!
32. The full name of Desi Arnaz was "Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III"!
33. Lucille Ball's original color was brown, then she changed to blonde, and finally to red!

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