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The Hull High TV show was a 60 minute musical drama series on NBC that featured the interactions between the students, teachers, and staff at a racially integrated high school located in an inner-city neighborhood. It was not your typical teen series. It was presented in an almost "soap opera-like" manner with the cast often breaking into singing and dancing routines.

Hull High Cast

Will Lyman .... Mr. John Deerborn
Nancy Valen .... Miss Donna Breedlove
Cheryl Pollak .... Camilla Croft
Mark Ballou .... Mark Fuller
Kristin Dattilo .... D.J. Serkin
Marshall Bell .... Mr. Glen Fancher
Harold Pruett .... Cody Rome
Marty Belafsky .... Louis Plumb
George Martin .... Mr. Emery Dobosh
Gary Grubbs .... Mr. Joe Brawley
Holly Fields .... Michelle
Trey Parker .... Devil Rapper #1
Phillip DeMarks .... Devil Rapper #2
Carl Anthony Payne II .... Devil Rapper #3
Bryan Anthony .... Devil Rapper #4

Hull High Trivia

There were two episodes of the Hull High TV show that were produced but were not broadcast. Since none of the episodes were titled, we'll just call them: "Episode Six" and "Episode Seven".

The series was titled, "Hull Street High" during pre-production and then changed to "Hull High" some time before the first episode aired.

The full name of the school was "Cordell Hull High School".

When something important would happen between two of the Hull High TV show characters, the music would start up and the "Hull High Devils" would perform a rap that related to the situation. The Hull High Devils weren't just any rap group, they were a rap Greek chorus!

NBC executives jokingly referred to Hull High as "Hip Hop High".

The Hull High TV show didn't have much of a chance to succeed. It is well-known in the entertainment industry that innovative, cross genre (musical and drama) series require time to attract an audience and, therefore, good ratings. Despite that, NBC moved Hull High's time slot twice and then canceled it after only six episodes! The pilot aired five weeks before the first regular episode so many viewers missed one or the other. After three regular episodes, Hull High went on hiatus and it was more than two months before the last two episodes aired! By the time the final two aired NBC had it airing at 7:00 PM on Sunday in competition with "60 Minutes", one of television's all time highest-rated shows!

Hull High's dance segments were all choreographed by Kenny Ortega who is probably best-known for his choreography on the movie, "Dirty Dancing".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Pilot Episode

  1. Pilot Episode (8/20/1990)
Hull High - The First and Only Season
  1. Episode One (9/30/1990)
  2. Episode Two (10/7/1990)
  3. Episode Three (10/14/1990)
  4. Episode Four (12/23/1990)
  5. Episode Five (12/30/1990)

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