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Hot in Cleveland is a 30 minute comedy series on TV Land about three middle-aged women who are all employed in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. They become a bit disallusioned with the youth-obsessed atmosphere in LA and decide to give life a try in Cleveland, Ohio when the airplane they are on makes an emergency landing there. Cleveland turns out to be refreshingly less obsessed with youth and the ladies hope they might find love there. The only impediment to them achieving their dreams might be the 90-year-old, alcoholic, sex addict, old lady who is the caretaker of the property they rent and she has no trouble telling them exactly what's on her mind!

Hot in Cleveland Cast

Betty White .... Elka Ostrovsky
Valerie Bertinelli .... Melanie Moretti
Jane Leeves .... Joy Scroggs
Wendie Malick .... Victoria Chase

Hot in Cleveland Trivia

This is TV Land's first attempt at an original scripted series. It's premiere garnered a larger audience than any other show in TV Land's fourteen years on the air up to that time!

Hot In Cleveland aired for 6 seasons from 2010-2015 for a total of 126 episodes!

Hot in Cleveland is shot with a live studio audience at CBS's Studio City in Los Angeles.

Is Betty White the most loveable women in show business or what? Who wouldn't want to work with her? Just Look at the stars who have made multiple appearances on Hot in Cleveland during the first three seasons: Carl Reiner, Susan Lucci, John Mahoney, Jon Lovitz, John Schneider, Kevin Nealon, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Regis Philbin, Don Rickles, Tim Conway, Joan Rivers to name just a few!

Wendie Malick just might be the most "well-preserved" actress in Hollywood. The three gals from LA are supposed to be in their late forties but Wendie Malick was actually nearly sixty-years-old when the series premiered! You sure wouldn't guess it to look at her. She fits right in with her co-star Betty White! Who would guess that anyone could be that youthful at the ripe old age of ninety?

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