Horatio Hornblower

Horatio Hornblower Cast

Series Description:

This television event was composed of eight 120 minute action/drama TV movies that were based on the C.S. Forester Novel about Horatio Hornblower as he rises through the ranks of the 18th Century British Navy! Best of all ... it's all done with fantastic scripts, realistic ships and costumes and settings, and the sea battles are absolutely amazing! Be sure to read the descriptions of each individual movie below!

Horatio Hornblower Cast

Ioan Gruffudd .... Horatio Hornblower
Robert Lindsay .... Captain / Commodore / Sir Edward Pellew
Sean Gilder .... Seaman / Boatswain's Mate Styles
Paul Copley .... Seaman / Bosun Matthews
Colin MacLachlan ... Master Bowles (1-4)
Simon Sherlock .... Oldroyd (1-4)
Chris Barnes .... Finch (1-2)
Frank Boyce .... Midshipman Cleveland (1-2)
Jamie Bamber .... Midshipman / 4th Lieutenant Archie Kennedy (1,3,4,5,6)
Jonathan Coy .... Lieutenant Bracegirdle (2,3)
Ian McElhinney .... Captain Hammond, Member of Court (2,6)
David Warner .... Captain James Sawyer HMS Renown (5,6)
Nicholas Jones .... 1st Lieutenant Buckland (5,6)
Paul McGann .... 2nd Lieutenant Bush (5,6)
Terence Corrigan ... Midshipman Wellard (5,6)
Philip Glenister ... Hobbs, Boatswains Mate (5,6)
David Rintoul .... Dr. Clive, Ship's Surgeon (5,6)
Gilly Gilchrist .... Seaman Randall (5,6)
Paul Brightwell .... Marine Sergeant Whiting (5,6)

Movie Descriptions:

The Even Chance (AKA: "The Duel") (4/4/1999)

Horatio Hornblower reports to his first ship. He immediately suffers from sea-sickness. Eventually, however, he shines in comparison to the rest of the crew and one seaman doesn't like it much! He wants a fight and in those days, it could be to the death!

The Examination for Lieutenant (AKA: "The Fire Ship") (4/11/1999)

Horatio Hornblower gets the chance to test for promotion to Lieutenant. Before than can occur, the entire Spanish Fleet attacks! Hornblower has an idea to save the British ship but will it work?

The Duchess and the Devil (4/18/1999)

Horatio captures a Spanish ship. He is then assigned to take a Duchess and some secret papers back to Great Britton. Of course, the Spanish do everything in their power to stop him!

The Frogs and the Lobsters (AKA: "The Wrong War") (4/25/1999)

Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower is assigned to take a crew to France to help the "Royal Troops" take back France from the French people's Democratic government. While he may be allies with the French commander, he doesn't approve of his brutality during the struggle. Unfortunately, the French commander outranks him!

Mutiny (4/8/2001)

This TV movie begins with 3rd Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower in jail awaiting court-martial for mutiny! Could he have done such a thing and why would he? Then we flash back in time to learn the answers!

Retribution (4/15/2001)

This movie essentially continues the story in "Mutiny". The court-martial of Horatio Hornblower begins. As the witnesses testify, there are more flashbacks to visualize their testimony.

Loyalty (AKA: "Horatio Hornblower 3") (12/2/2003)

Peace with France causes Captain Horatio Hornblower to be reduced in rank to Leftenant and short on funds. Napoleon is absorbed with his ideas of ruling the world, however, and the Leftenant is once again needed to save the day!

Duty (12/3/2003)

Captain Horatio Hornblower gets married but has little time to devote to that venture. He must sail to France to find a missing British ship. When he picks up a man claiming to be Swiss, but speaks with a French accent, Horatio finds himself in a delegate balance between doing what he feels is the right thing and pleasing the powers that be in London.

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