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Hermans Head Cast

Series Description

The Herman's Head TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on the FOX Network a wanna be writer who worked as a fact checker for a publishing company. Whenever he had a thought about anything confusing going on in his life his mind spoke to him in the form of four characters that expressed their opinions. One character reflected his intellect's outlook on the subject. Another saw the situation from a fearful viewpoint of what might go wrong. The other two saw things from a compassionate viewpoint and one biased by lust. Obviously, the four viewpoints rarely came even close to agreeing with each other on how to handle life's challenges and the poor guy was eternally confused. In other words, the more he thinks ... the more he doesn't know what to think!

Herman's Head Cast

William Ragsdale .... Herman Brooks
Hank Azaria .... Jay Nichols
Yeardley Smith .... Louise Fitzer
Jane Sibbett .... Heddy Newman
Ken Hudson Campbell .... Animal "Lust"
Molly Hagan .... Angel "Sensitivity"
Peter MacKenzie .... Genius "Intellect"
Rick Lawless .... Wimp "Anxiety"
Jason Bernard .... Paul Bracken

Herman's Head Opening Narrative


"This is Herman Brooks. Herman is just like the rest of us. Everyday he has to make all kinds of decisions like what to wear, whom to date and when to panic. Now these decisions should be easy but if you take a look inside Herman's head, you'll see why he sometimes has trouble making up his mind."

(Herman's Personalities:)

"I'm Herman's intellect. Without me he couldn't hold his job, pay his rent or tie his shoe laces."

"I'm Herman's sensitivity. Without me he wouldn't feel tenderness, honesty, or love...the good things in life."

"I'm Herman's anxiety and I keep him out of trouble and believe me there's trouble everywhere."

I'm Herman's lust. Without me he'd miss out on all the good stuff. You know, fun, food, babes."


"Sometimes they agree ... Ummm, usually they don't. But the struggle is going on inside all of us and it's all going on inside Herman's head."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (9/8/1991)
  2. Lies, Lies, Lies (9/15/1991)
  3. Days Of Wine And Herman (9/22/1991)
  4. Isn't It Romantic? (9/29/1991)
  5. Fatal Distraction (10/13/1991)
  6. Herman-Ator (10/20/1991)
  7. My Brother, Myself (10/27/1991)
  8. 9 1/2 Hours (11/3/1991)
  9. Babbling Brooks (11/10/1991)
  10. Near Death Wish (11/17/1991)
  11. Bracken's Daughter (11/24/1991)
  12. The Last Boy Scout (12/1/1991)
  13. Fear And Loathing In Manhattan (12/22/1991)
  14. That's What Friends Aren't For (1/5/1992)
  15. To Err Is Herman (1/12/1992)
  16. How To Succeed In Business Without Really Dying (1/19/1992)
  17. Hard Times (2/9/1992)
  18. A Kept Herman (2/16/1992)
  19. Herman Au Natural (2/23/1992)
  20. Sweet Obsessions (3/8/1992)
  21. First Time For Everything (3/22/1992)
  22. Bracken Up Is Hard To Do (4/5/1992)
  23. Guns 'N Neurosis (4/19/1992)
  24. Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels (5/3/1992)
  25. Twisted Sister (5/10/1992)
Season 2
  1. Stop Me Before I Help Again (9/13/1992)
  2. Sperm 'N' Herman (9/20/1992)
  3. Herman's Heddy (9/27/1992)
  4. Intern-Al Affairs (10/4/1992)
  5. Brackenhooker (10/18/1992)
  6. The Watertongate Break-In (10/25/1992)
  7. Untitled Girlfriend Project (11/1/1992)
  8. The 'C' Word (11/3/1992)
  9. Friends And Lovers (11/8/1992)
  10. Subterranean Homesick Blues (11/15/1992)
  11. The One Where They Go On The Love Boat (11/22/1992)
  12. Feardom Of Speech (12/13/1992)
  13. A Charlie Brown Fitzer (12/20/1992)
  14. All's Affair In Love (1/3/1993)
  15. Open All Night (1/17/1993)
  16. Gals-A-Poppin' (1/24/1993)
  17. Anatomy Of A Blind Date (2/7/1993)
  18. My Funny Valentine (2/14/1993)
  19. God, Girls And Herman (2/28/1993)
  20. Layla - The Unplugged Version (3/14/1993)
  21. Cat's In The Cradle (3/29/1993)
  22. Fired In A Crowded Research Room (4/11/1993)
  23. I Wanna Go Home (4/25/1993)
  24. Love Me Two Timer (5/2/1993)
  25. Love And The Single Parent (5/9/1993)
Season 3
  1. Herma-Phrodite (9/16/1993)
  2. There's A Fly Girl In My Soup (9/23/1993)
  3. When Hermy Met Crawford's Daughter (9/30/1993)
  4. When Hairy Met Hermy (10/7/1993)
  5. Over Herman's Head (10/14/1993)
  6. Jaybo & Weesie: A Love Story (10/21/1993)
  7. Hermo-Tivated (10/26/1993)
  8. Jay Is For Jealousy (11/4/1993)
  9. Trouble In Paradise (11/11/1993)
  10. When Hermie Met Maureen McCormick (11/18/1993)
  11. An Actor Prepares (12/2/1993)
  12. A Decent Proposal (12/16/1993)
  13. When Hermy Met Crawford's Girlfriend (12/30/1993)
  14. Three On A Match (1/13/1994)
  15. You Say Tomato (2/3/1994)
  16. Once More With Feeling (2/10/1994)
  17. The Herm From Ipanema (2/24/1994)
  18. Bedtime For Hermo (3/10/1994)
  19. Herm In The Time Of Cholera (3/24/1994)
  20. Absence Makes The Head Grow Fonder (4/7/1994)
  21. A Head In The Polls (4/14/1994)
  22. First Impressions (4/21/1994)

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