Here Come The Double Deckers

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Here Come The Double Deckers Cast

Series Description

The Here Come The Double Deckers TV show was a comedy series about seven kids in London who havd a clubhouse in an old double-decker bus. They also constantly got into trouble.


Bruce Clark .... Stix
Peter Firth .... Scoop
Debbie Russ .... Tiger
Brinsley Ford .... Spring
Gillian Bailey .... Billie
Michael Audreson .... Brains
Douglas Simmonds .... Doughnut
Melvyn Hayes .... Street Cleaner
Deryck Guyler .... Policeman

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Tiger Takes Off (9/12/1970)
  2. The Case Of The Missing Doughnut (9/19/1970)
  3. Get A Move On (9/26/1970)
  4. Star-Struck (10/3/1970)
  5. Happy Haunting (10/10/1970)
  6. Summer Camp (10/17/1970)
  7. The Pop Singer (10/24/1970)
  8. Scooper Strikes Out (10/31/1970)
  9. Robbie The Robot (11/7/1970)
  10. The Go-Karters (11/14/1970)
  11. A Helping Hound (11/21/1970)
  12. Invaders From Space (11/28/1970)
  13. Barney (12/5/1970)
  14. Man's Best Friend (12/12/1970)
  15. United We Stand (12/19/1970)
  16. Up To Scratch (12/26/1970)
  17. A Hit For A Miss (1/2/1971)

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