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Help Me Help You Cast

Series Description

The Help Me Help You TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a therapy group that used their doctor's suggestions about how to change their lives for the better. Unfortunately, the doctor needed psychological help as bad as his patients did and the advice just made their lives worse!

Help Me Help You Cast

Ted Danson .... Dr. Bill Hoffman
Charlie Finn .... Dave
Jim Rash .... Jonathan
Jere Burns .... Michael
Suzy Nakamura .... Inger
Darlene Hunt .... Darlene
Jane Kaczmarek .... Anne

Help Me Help You Trivia

There were four episodes of Help Me Help You that were produced but were not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were, "The Sheriff", "Boxer", "New Beginnings", and "Moving On".

The patients on Help Me Help You had every reason to believe that Dr. Hoffman's advice was sound even when it sounded crazy. He was a highly respected bestselling author of self-help books.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/26/2006)
  2. The Mattress (10/3/2006)
  3. Fun Run (10/10/2006)
  4. Pink Freud (10/17/2006)
  5. Sasha's Birthday BBQ (10/24/2006)
  6. Inger Management (10/31/2006)
  7. Raging Bill (11/28/2006)
  8. Perverse Psychology (12/5/2006)
  9. Perserverence (12/12/2006)

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