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Head Cases Cast

Series Description

The Head Cases TV show was a 60 minute dramatic comedy series on the FOX Network about an attorney who had a nervous breakdown and attempted to go on with his life by opening his own law firm. Head Cases was canceled it after only two episodes.

Head Cases Cast

Chris O'Donnell .... Jason Payne
Adam Goldberg .... Enter Shultz
Krista Allen .... Laurie Payne
Richard Kind .... Lou Albertini
Jake Cherry .... Ryan Payne
Rockmond Dunbar .... Dr. Robinson
Rhea Seehorn .... Nicole Walker


Canceled after only two episodes, four additional episodes of the Head Cases TV show were produced but did not air. Their titles were: "Malpractice Makes Perfect", "In the Club", "Be Your Best You", nd "Deep Cover".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot (9/14/2005)
  2. Self Help (9/21/2005)

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