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The Hart To Hart TV show was a 60 minute crime drama series on ABC about Jonathan Hart (a self-made millionaire) and his wife Jennifer (a freelance investigative journalist) who traveled the world. During their travels, they played amateur detectives and got themselves into pretty serious situations with criminals, including murderers! They always managed to elude serious harm and "get their man" in the end though.

Hart To Hart Cast

Robert Wagner .... Jonathan Hart
Stefanie Powers .... Jennifer Hart
Lionel Stander .... Maxwell (Max)


Aaron Spelling produced this TV show and so many other ones that only a very few of his best known can be listed here. Here they are:
"Johnny Ringo (1959)", "Daniel Boone (1964)", "The Mod Squad (1968)", "The Rookies (1972)", "Starsky and Hutch (1975)", "Charlie's Angels (1976)", "The Love Boat (1977)", "Fantasy Island (1978)", "Hart to Hart (1979)", "Dynasty (1981)", "T.J. Hooker (1982)", "Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)", "Melrose Place (1992)", "7th Heaven (1996)", "Charmed (1998)".

Speaking of Aaron Spelling ... Robert Wagner reluctantly accepted 45% ownership of the series, "Charlie's Angels (1976)" as payment for a prior contract he had with Aaron. Wagner said that he felt that a show about three young, beautiful, female crimefighters was the worst idea he'd ever heard!

Opening Narrative

(Lionel Stander's Voice as Max)

(First Season:) "This is my boss, Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire. He's quite a guy. This is Mrs. H, she's gorgeous. What a terrific lady. By the way, My name's Max. I take care of both of 'em, which ain't easy, 'cause their hobby is murder."

(Seasons 2-5:) "This is my boss, Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire, he's quite a guy. This is Mrs H., she's gorgeous. She's one lady who knows how to take care of herself. By the way my name is Max. I take care of both of them, which ain't easy cause when they met it was murder."

(From the 1996 Movie, "'Til Death Do Us Hart")

"This is my boss Jonathan Hart, he's a millionaire self-made, and this is his wife Jennifer she's quite a lady. Oh, and that's me. My name is Max. I take care of them which ain't easy cause when they met it was murder."

(From a 1983 Magazine titled, "Hart to Hart Annual" which had stories and cartoons about the Harts)

"Hi, I'm Max, and I look after the Harts ... which ain't easy as when they met it was MURDER! Mr. Hart, Jonathan, is a self-made millionaire who excels at everything, skiing, driving, deep sea diving, horse riding, racing ... gee, I could go on and on...but let me say that he has the extremely good sense ... and great taste to choose as his wife, the gorgeous Mrs. H, Jennifer, a lady who can really take care of herself. Well, actually, that's just as well, because their hobby seems to be MURDER!. Trouble seems to just follow them, and poor Freeway, that's Mrs. Hart's delectable little pooch, and a real pal of mine, and sometimes I have to lead a helping hand ... after all, that's what friends are for isn't it? Anyway, I must get on as I have to prepare lunch now, just for Freeway and me of course, Mr. and Mrs. Hart are off detecting as usual."

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