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Happily Divorced Cast

Series Description

Happily Divorced is a 30 minute comedy series on TV Land about a florist whose husband rocks her world when he admits to being gay. Neither of them can afford to maintain a seperate household so despite the fact that there marriage is over, they continue to live together.

Happily Divorced Cast

Fran Drescher .... Fran Lovett
John Michael Higgins ... Peter Lovett
Tichina Arnold .... Judi Mann
Valente Rodriguez .... Cesar
Robert Walden .... Glen Newman
Rita Moreno .... Dori Newman
D.W. Moffett .... Elliot

Happily Divorced Trivia

This series is a testament to real life in that the star, Fran Drescher was divorced in 1999 from her real life husband Peter Marc Jacobson when he came out as being gay. They had been seperated for several years prior to their divorce. Apparently they've remained friend because Jacobson is the Executive Producer of Happily Divorced while Drescher is the star!

Jacobson and Drescher also co-wrote and produced the 1993-1999 series, "The Nanny" on which Drescher also played the starring role.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (6/15/2011)
  2. Pillow Talk (6/22/2011)
  3. Anniversary (6/29/2011)
  4. Spousal Support (7/6/2011)
  5. A Date With Destiny (7/13/2011)
  6. I Wanna Be Alone (7/20/2011)
  7. Someone Wants Me (7/27/2011)
  8. A Kiss Is Just a Kiss (8/3/2011)
  9. Vegas Baby (8/10/2011)
  10. Torn Between Two Lovetts (8/17/2011)
Season 2
  1. The Reunion (3/7/2012)
  2. Peter Comes Out Again (3/14/2012)
  3. Daddy's Girl (3/21/2012)
  4. The Burial Plotz (3/28/2012)
  5. Swimmers and Losers (4/11/2012)
  6. Newman vs. Newman (4/18/2012)
  7. Adventure Man (4/25/2012)
  8. Time in a Bottle (5/2/2012)
  9. Mother's Day (5/9/2012)
  10. Fran-alayze This (5/16/2012)
  11. Cesar's Wife (5/30/2012)
  12. Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place - Part 1 (6/6/2012)
  13. Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place - Part 2 (11/28/2012)
  14. Meet the Parents (12/5/2012)
  15. The Back-Up Fran (12/12/2012)
  16. A Star Is Reborn (12/19/2012)
  17. Follow the Leader (12/26/2012)
  18. Love Thy Neighbor (1/2/2013)
  19. The Biggest Chill (1/9/2013)
  20. Peter's Boyfriend (1/16/2013)
  21. I Object (1/23/2013)
  22. Happily Divorced With Children (1/30/2013)
  23. Sleeping With The Enemy (2/6/2013)
  24. For Better Or For Worse (2/13/2013)

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