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The Grimm TV show is a 60 minute fantasy series that premiered on October 21, 2011 on NBC. It's about a homicide detective who discovers that his ancestors have protected humanity from supernatural beings for generations. He's surprised to find that he is next in line in the battle! You see, the evil beings look like they are human until they stike you down! Only a Grimm can see them for what they really are!

Grimm Cast

David Giuntoli .... Detective Nick Burkhardt
Russell Hornsby .... Lieutenant Hank Griffin
Bitsie Tulloch .... Juliette Silverton
Silas Weir Mitchell .... Monroe
Sasha Roiz .... Captain Sean Renard
Reggie Lee .... Sergeant Wu
Bree Turner .... Rosalee Calvert (2012-)
Claire Coffee .... Adalind Schade
Elizabeth Rodriguez .... Special Agent Chavez (2014-)

Grimm Trivia

The vast majority of Grimm scenes are shot in Portland, Oregon. Ironically, the producers of Grimm had no idea that the "Brothers Grimm" have descendants living in Portland until being told by a member of the audience at Comic Con. The brothers are famed for writing classic fairytales including "Cinderella", "The Frog Prince", "Hansel and Gretel", "Rapunzel", "Rumpelstiltskin", and "Snow White".

Every episode of Grimm begins with a quote from a fairytale or a folk story that is somehow connected to episode.

The German word "Wesen" means "Nature" in English. The German pronunciation of the word is "Vayzun"! Other names and terms on Grimm are also German words including "Blutbad" which means bloodbath, "Hexen" which means witches, "mellifer" which means honey-carrier and "Schaden" which means misfortune or misery. Other German words are used that are either mis-spelled or gramatically incorrect, probably because they would be hard for an English speaking audience to pronounce or the word would simply look strange the way it's spelled in German.

Although Monroe and Wu are never referred to by their first names, it was stated in the pilot episode that Monroe's first name is Eddie. Wu's first name was revealed to be Drew in the third season.

Sasha Rioz and Russell Hornsby appeared together on the ESPN series, "Playmakers" before joining the cast of Grimm. Sasha played a young coach named Stephen Lyles and Russell played an aging running back named Leon Taylor. The 2003 series lasted only 11 episodes although it was doing very well in the ratings for ESPN. The reason for the cancellation was most likely pressure from the NFL owners and players because the show highlighted the negative parts of the lives of the players off the field rather than hero-worshiping them for their on the field activities.

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