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Greg the Bunny Cast

Series Description

The Greg the Bunny TV show was a 30 minute unusual comedy series on the FOX Network about a living puppet who is just one of over three million that had supposedly been "built" in the United States. Greg got tired of only being able to find work over the Easter weekends so he begged his roommate Jimmy to talk his producer/father into giving him a job on a ficticious children's TV show titled, "Sweetknuckle Junction". The job he was given was basically just to help around backstage but he wormed his way into a slot on the cast of the show!

Greg the Bunny Cast

Dan Milano .... Greg The Bunny
Eugene Levy .... Gil Bender
Seth Green .... Jimmy Bender
Sarah Silverman .... Alison Kaiser
Bob Gunton .... Junction Jack
Dina Spybey .... Dottie Sunshine
Drew Massey .... Count Freddie Blah
James Murray .... Rochester Rabbit
Victor Yerrid .... Tardy Turtle

Greg the Bunny Theme Song

Performed By: "The Cast of the Show"

We can sing and dance,
And we don't need pants,
See we're

We've got regular jobs,
Just with low door knobs,
See we're

Yes we graduate from Harvard,
At the head of my class!

But if you test sobriety,
I might not pass!

There's no strings attached,
Or no hand up my ***

Greg the Bunny Trivia

A Pilot episode was produced to pitch Greg the Bunny to the networks but it never aired. There were also two additional episodes produced and not broadcast due to the early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "Sock Like Me" and "Jimmy Drives Gil Crazy".

Sarah Silverman began her show business career as a writer for "Saturday Night Live". She got in front of the camera during the 1993-1994 season and then left the late night series to join the cast of HBO's "Mr. Show with Bob and David". She then broke into roles on the big screen, the most notable being "Bulworth (1998)", "There's Something About Mary (1998)", and "The Bachelor (1999)". She also has guest-starred on numerous other TV series and, at the time of this writing (2008), she is starring on Comedy Central's hit series, "The Sarah Silverman Program."

Bob Gunton who played Junction Jack on Greg the Bunny was a true American hero! He was awarded a Bronze Star for Valor and the Vietnam Service Medal while serving in the U.S. Army!

Greg the Bunny was just one in a line of TV series that Seth Green starred on. He played "Harry Byrd" on "The Byrds of Paradise, as "Oz" on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", as "Eddie McDowd" on "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd", did numerous voice roles on "Robot Chicken" and as "Chris Griffin" on the hit series "Family Guy"!

Greg the Bunny's eyes began as buttons but were eventually changed to real eyes. Audiences may have been a bit freaked out since the episodes weren't aired in the same order as they were produced. One episode Greg would have button eyes, the next real eyes and then the next back to button eyes!

Greg the Bunny's first appearance was on a New York City public access program called "Junktape". He went on to appear on a series titled, "The Greg the Bunny Show" on The Independent Film Channel before getting his own show on FOX.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Welcome to Sweetknuckle Junction (3/27/2002)
  2. SK-2.0 (3/31/2002)
  3. The Jewel Heist (4/3/2002)
  4. Greg Gets Puppish (4/10/2002)
  5. The Singing Mailman (4/17/2002)
  6. Rabbit Redux (4/24/2002)
  7. Surprise! (5/29/2002)
  8. Father & Son Reunion (6/5/2002)
  9. Piddler on the Roof (7/28/2002)
  10. Blah Bawls (8/4/2002)
  11. Dottie Heat (8/11/2002)
TV Special

Fur on the Asphalt: The Greg the Bunny Reunion Special (6/10/2005)

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