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The Grace Under Fire TV show was a 30 minute romantic comedy series on ABC about a divorcee who was fresh from an abusive marriage, trying to control her alcohol problem, and raising three kids on her own but don't worry! It was not quite as depressing as it might sound thanks to a cast of comical characters including a couple who live next door, a pharmacist, and Grace's co-workers!

Grace Under Fire Cast

Brett Butler .... Grace Kelly
Jon Paul Steuer .... Quentin Kelly
Kaitlin Cullum .... Libby Kelly
Dylan & Cole Sprouse .... Patrick Kelly
Julie White .... Nadine Swoboda
Dave Thomas .... Russell Norton
Casey Sander .... Wade Swoboda

Grace Under Fire Trivia:

There were 112 episodes of Grace Under Fire that aired from1993-1998.

The Carsey-Werner International production company produced Grace Under Fire along with some other great series including, "3rd Rock From the Sun", "The Cosby Show", "Cybill", "Roseanne", and "That '70s Show"!

Occasionally you can spot a can of President's Choice Cola or two on an episode of Grace Under Fire. That's strange because that brand of cola was only sold in Canada and the series was filmed in California.

Brett Butler was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in both 1995 and 1997 in the category, "Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical". In both cases, Helen Hunt won for her role on the series, "Mad About You".

Grace and several of her ex in-laws were named for Kellys who are famous in show business. For example ... Grace Kelly (movie actress), DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy on the original Star Trek TV show), Emmett Kelly (trapeze artist and circus clown), and Jean Kelly (after the singing/dancing movie star "Gene" Kelly).

Grace's job was operating oil pipelines at a local refinery.

Grace Under Fire was one of a few shows that had problems behind the scenes because a strong actress in the lead role wanted more control over the show and others didn't want to give up their power. Other examples of this are "Roseanne" and "Cybill". Beginning in the second season of Grace Under Fire, Brett Butler won the power struggle and heads began to roll! The series' creator and executive producer had his title changed to "comedy consultant"! Writers and other members of the production team left the show either voluntarily or by force. One has to wonder if the same difficulties would have occured if the power grabber had been male???

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