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The Frontier Doctor TV show was a 30 minute western action series that aired in sydication. It followed a doctor who worked in a small community called "Rising Springs" in the early 1900s in the Arizona Territory.

Frontier Doctor Cast

Rex Allen .... Dr. Bill Baxter
Stafford Repp .... Sheriff Brawley

Frontier Doctor Trivia

Rex Allen was a "B" movie star in westerns as one of the few popular, heroic singing cowboys from 1950-1954. His first movie was titled, "The Arizona Cowboy" and that became Rex's nickname thereafter. The name fit Rex well as he was born in Wilcox, Arizona!

For a "B" movie actor, Rex Allen became very popular. He appeared in 20 movies in just five years as the same character (he played himself). He not only made a lot of money for Republic Pictures from movie ticket sales; there were also Rex Allen coloring books, comic books, toy guns and holsters, and much other western oriented merchandise.

Doctor series were becoming very popular in the 1950s and westerns had been hits nearly from the beginning of television so the blending of the two genres was very appealing to some fans.

Frontier Doctor episodes were later rebroadcast under the titles, "The Man of the West" and "Unarmed".

Doctor Baxter often encountered troublemakers while driving his buggy to the aid of a patient. Occasionally he would honor his oath as a doctor reluctantly by treating an outlaw. The most notable case of this was in episode #8, "The Outlaw Legion" where he gave medical care to Butch Cassidy of the famed "Hole in the Wall gang".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Queen of the Cimarron (9/26/1958)
  2. San Francisco Story (10/4/1958)
  3. Three Wanted Men (10/11/1958)
  4. Crooked Circle (10/18/1958)
  5. The Apache Uprising (10/25/1958)
  6. Double Boomerang (11/1/1958)
  7. Mystery of the Black Stallion (11/8/1958)
  8. The Outlaw Legion (11/15/1958)
  9. Fury of the Big Top (11/22/1958)
  10. The Desperate Game (11/29/1958)
  11. The Great Stagecoach Robbery (12/6/1958)
  12. Iron Trail Ambush (12/13/1958)
  13. Shotgun Hattie (12/20/1958)
  14. Trouble in Paradise Valley (12/27/1958)
  15. Shadow of Belle Starr (1/3/1959)
  16. Illegal Entry (1/10/1959)
  17. Sabotage (1/17/1959)
  18. Belle of Tennessee (1/24/1959)
  19. Bittercreek Gang (1/31/1959)
  20. Broken Barrier (2/7/1959)
  21. The Woman Who Dared (2/14/1959)
  22. Storm over King City (2/21/1959)
  23. Law of the Badlands (2/28/1959)
  24. The Big Gamblers (3/7/1959)
  25. Strangers in Town (3/14/1959)
  26. The Big Frame Up (3/21/1959)
  27. Drifting Sands (3/28/1959)
  28. The Homesteaders (4/4/1959)
  29. Danger Valley (4/11/1959)
  30. South of the Rio Grand (4/18/1959)
  31. The Twisted Road (4/25/1959)
  32. Gringo Pete (5/2/1959)
  33. Superstition Mountain (5/9/1959)
  34. Elkton Lake Feud (5/16/1959)
  35. Strange Cargo (5/23/1959)
  36. Man to Man (5/30/1959)
  37. The Confidence Gang (6/6/1959)
  38. The Counterfeiters (6/13/1959)
  39. Flaming Gold (6/20/1959)

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