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Friday Night Lights Cast

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The Friday Night Lights TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC for the first two seasons and on DirecTV for another threee. It highlighted the joys and sorrows of the residents of a small town. The main emphasis was on the coach of the local High School football team and his family but also delved into the challenges of small town life, especially for the members of the football team and the other students.

Friday Night Lights Cast

Kyle Chandler .... Eric Taylor
Connie Britton .... Tami Taylor
Aimee Teegarden .... Julie Taylor
Taylor Kitsch .... Tim Riggins
Jesse Plemons .... Landry Clarke
Zach Gilford .... Matt Saracen
Derek Phillips .... Billy Riggins
Brad Leland .... Buddy Garrity
Adrianne Palicki .... Tyra Collette
Blue Deckert .... Mac Macgill
Stacey Oristano .... Mindy Collette
Louanne Stephens .... Mrs. Saracen
Scott Porter .... Jason Street (2006-2010)
Minka Kelly .... Lyla Garrity (2006-2009)
Gaius Charles .... Brian 'Smash' Williams (2006-2008)
Gary Teague .... Teacher
Timothy F. Crowley .... Coach Crowley

Friday Night Lights Trivia:

The series took place in the fictional small town of Dillon, Texas.

Friday Night Lights was inspired by a non-fiction book by "H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger" titled, "Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream" and by the 2004 movie starring Billy Bob Thornton that was based on the book.

Brad Leland and Connie Britton were the only two actors who appeared both in the 2004 movies and on this TV series. Both portrayed the same characters on the big and small screens.

Before Friday Night Lights, Kyle Chandler starred on another sports related series titled, "Homefront" as a minor league baseball player. Then a few years later he starred on the series, "Early Edition" as a man who got his morning newspaper one day early, before the events in the paper actually happened!

Friday Night Lights never attracted a huge audience but critics loved it for its true-to-life look at middle America.

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