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The For Love or Money TV show was a 60 minute competitive dating reality series on NBC where a contestant ultimately chose their favorite romantic interest from fifteen or sixteen other contestants of the opposite sex. The contestant ultimately chosen as the "winner" would then choose to either begin a relationship with the main contestant or take a $1 million prize and agree to never see the person again! See trivia below for twists to the game play in further seasons.

For Love or Money Cast

Jordan Murphy .... Host

For Love or Money Trivia:

On the first season of For Love or Money Rob Campos choose Erin Brodie as his favorite suitor and she agreed to never see him again in order to take the $1 million prize. She said that she needed the money due to her father's poor health.

In season two Erin Brodie returned as the main contestant. If her chosen suitor chose her over the money then she would receive another $1 Million but if she was rejected she would lose the million she won in the first season! Erin ultimately chose Chad Viggiano and he decided to try a relationship with Erin instead of taking his million! Therefore, Erin won a second million and she gratiously gave half of it to Chad!

Season three found Preston Mercer choosing from sixteen ladies who were told that there potential winnings were not guaranteed to be $1 million, rather they could win as little as one dollar if they were chosen and then rejected Preston. Preston was told how much money each individual lady could win but the women were kept in the dark. The ladies also didn't know that Preston had been told what their prize might be. In the end Preston choose Paige Jones ("PJ") and she choose him. She didn't lose much because her prize turned out to be one of the two one dollar prizes.

In season four, Rachel Veltri returned as the main contestant after coming in second in season three. She was one of the two $1 million dollar contestants that season so she had a lot to make up for this season. Andrea Langi from the previous season was also invited to compete against Rachel as the main contestant. After an initial meeting eight of the men decided to court Rachel and seven decided to pursue Andrea. This season the men were also assigned potential prizes from one dollar to a million but this time the men got to see what their prize might be at the very beginning! Andrea was eliminated as a main contestant when all of her suitors had been eliminated from the competition. Rachel ended out choosing Caleb Janus and they both gave up their prizes in order to pursue a relationship. It was an expensive mistake as the broke up about a month later!

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