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The Flash Gordon TV show was a 30 minute sci-fi/fantasy series first in sydication and then on the Dumont Network about an inter-galactic space hero who waged war on the many merciless enemies who wanted to take over or destroy mankind!

Flash Gordon Cast

Steve Holland .... Flash Gordon
Irene Champlin .... Dale Arden
Henry Beckman .... Commander Richards
Joseph Nash .... Doctor Zarkov

Flash Gordon Trivia

Henry Beckman may not have been one of the central characters on Flash Gordon but he was the only one to go on to a continuing successful career on television. He appeared on the series "Peyton Place" during the 1964/1965 season as "George Anderson", on "Here Come the Brides" during the 1968/1969 season as "Captain Roland Francis Clancey", and on "Quincy, M.E." from 1977 to 1983 as "Chief of Police Hartman". But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Henry appeared on more than 200 other TV episodes and TV movies!

The episode air dates listed below are for when Flash Gordon became broadcast regularly on the Dumont Network. The series actually did air earlier but only in syndication where each individual TV station decides when they will air a particular episode.

When Flash Gordon first appeared on television in syndication, the three movie serials were retitled and broadcast on TV. Flash Gordon (1936) was retitled, "Space Soldiers", Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938) was renamed, "Space Soldiers' Trip to Mars", and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940) was changed to, "Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe".

The Flash Gordon storyline was first seen in comic books created by Alex Raymond in 1934. The comic books continued into the 1940s. In 1935, the Flash Gordon radio show hit the airwaves starring Gale Gordon as Flash Gordon. Between 1936 and 1940, there were three theatrical "serials" starring Buster Crabbe. In 1979, there was a short-lived Flash Gordon cartoon show on Saturday mornings titled, "The New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon". In 1980 there was a greatly hyped Flash Gordon movie that didn't do very well at the box office. They really geared up for it though by licensing tons of Flash Gordon merchandise and even a Flash Gordon pinball machine! Then, in 2007, the Sci-fi channel brought Flash Gordon (played by Eric Johnson) back to television!

People often confuse Steve Holland (Flash Gordon) with "Savage Steve Holland" who is also an actor but he also produces, directs, writes, designs characters, and even does voice-overs. Savage Steve works mostly as a director of children's TV shows. Some of his credits include "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", "Even Stevens", and "Lizzie McGuire". Savage Steve is also capable of directing adult shows as evidenced by his credit for more than a dozen episodes of the Pamela Anderson series, "V.I.P."

Flash Gordon worked for the "Galaxy Bureau of Investigation". The series took place in the year 3061.

Flash Gordon was one of the few shows ever on U.S. television that was produced in Germany!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

1... Flash Gordon And The Planet Of Death (10/1/1954)
2... Escape Into Time (10/8/1954)
3... The Electro Man (10/15/1954)
4... The Vengeance Of Rabeed (10/22/1954)
5... Akim The Terrible (11/5/1954)
6... The Claim Jumpers (11/12/1954)
7... The Dancing Death (11/19/1954)
8... The Breath Of Death (11/26/1954)
9... The Great Secret (12/3/1954)
10. Return Of The Androids (12/10/1954)
11. The Frightened King (12/17/1954)
12. The Deadly Deception (12/24/1954)
13. Duel Against Darkness (12/31/1954)
14. The Sound Gun (1/14/1955)
15. The Weapon That Walked (1/28/1955)
16. Mission To Masca (2/4/1955)
17. The Lure Of Light (2/11/1955)
18. The Rains Of Death (2/18/1955)
19. Flash Gordon And The Race Against Time (2/25/1955)
20. The Witch Of Neptune (3/4/1955)
21. Flash Gordon And The Brain Machine (3/11/1955)
22. Struggle To The End (3/18/1955)
23. The Water World Menace (3/25/1955)
24. Saboteurs From Space (4/1/1955)
25. The Forbidden Experiment (4/8/1955)
26. Heat Wave (4/15/1955)
27. The Hunger Invasion (4/22/1955)
28. Encounter With Evil (4/29/1955)
29. The Matter Duplicator (5/6/1955)
30. The Micro-Man Menace (5/13/1955)
31. The Space Smugglers (5/20/1955)
32. The Mystery Of Phoros (5/27/1955)
33. The Shadowy Death (6/3/1955)
34. Death In The Negative (6/10/1955)
35. The Earth's Core (6/17/1955)
36. Deadline At Noon (6/24/1955)
37. The Law Of Velorum (7/1/1955)
38. The Skyjackers (7/8/1955)
39. The Subworld Revenge (7/15/1955)

Theatrical Serials:

(All starred Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon)

Flash Gordon (1936)
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938)
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)

Theatrical Movie

Flash Gordon (12/5/1980) - Starring Sam Jones as Flash Gordon

Other TV Series:

Flash Gordon (2007/2008) - Starring Eric Johnson as Flash Gordon (Sci-Fi Channel)

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