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The Flamingo Road TV show was a 60 minute drama series on NBC about the residents of a small community in Florida. On this prime-time soap operad, the rich residents who would do absolutely anything necessary to increase their fortunes and those who wanted to be rich who would do anything to obtain their own wealth. Those attitudes obviously created an atmosphere of constant conflict between pretty much everyone!

Flamingo Road Cast

Morgan Fairchild .... Constance Weldon Carlyle
Mark Harmon .... Fielding Carlyle
Howard Duff .... Sheriff Titus Semple
Stella Stevens .... Lute-Mae Sanders
Barbara Rush .... Eudora Weldon
Kevin McCarthy .... Claude Weldon
Woody Brown .... Skipper Weldon
Cristina Raines .... Lane Ballou
John Beck .... Sam Curtis
Glenn Robards .... Jasper
Joel Bailey .... Tony
Peter Donat .... Elmo Tyson (First Season)
Denise Galik .... Christie Kovacs (First Season)
Marcia Rodd .... Alice Kovacs (First Season)
John Shearin .... Deputy Tyler (First Season)
Michael Baseleon .... Slade (First Season)
David Selby .... Michael Tyrone (Second Season)
Cynthia Sikes .... Sandy Tyrone Swanson (Second Season)
Fernando Allende .... Julio Sanchez (Second Season)
Gina Gallego .... Alicia Sanchez (Second Season)
John McCann .... Aareth (Second Season)

Flamingo Road Trivia:

The Flamingo Road TV show was based on a best-selling novel by Robert Wilder and a 1949 movie starring Joan Crawford, both which were also titled, "Flamingo Road".

This series got its name from the fact that the rich folks lived in their mansions located on "Flamingo Road". The show took place in the fictional community of Truro, Florida.

While the Flamingo Road TV show aired on NBC, it was developed by the same production company that created the hit CBS prime-time soap opera, "Dallas".

The Weldons were the richest family on the series. They owned the local paper mill. Their exact address was given as 1600 Flamingo Road; Truro, Florida 83245. You might have noticed that the "1600" is the same number as the White House. There's also an error in the zip code because "83245" is the zip for Inkom, Idaho!

In 1982, Morgan Fairchild was nominated for a Golden Globe award as "Best Performance by an Actress in a drama TV-Series". Morgan didn't get the award. Two actresses tied and, therefore, each got a Golden Globe. They were "Barbara Bel Geddes" for the series, "Dallas" and "Linda Evans" for "Dynasty".

The TV pilot movie for Flamingo Road aired nearly eight months before the first regular episode. In order to give viewers a chance to re-familiarize themselves with the characters, the pilot movie was re-broadcast one week before the first regular episode.

NBC really badly wanted to come up with a prime-time soap opera to compete with the highly successful CBS series "Dallas" and its "spinoff series", "Knot's Landing". There were widespread rumors that Flamingo Road would also be a Dallas spinoff and there is some evidence that the possibility was explored. The word was that it would have starred "Ken Kercheval" as "Cliff Barnes".

Warners Bros. Studios originally owned the movie and TV rights to Flamingo Road. They did produce the 1949 movie but sold the TV rights. United Artists produced the TV series and owned the rights until 1996 when ironically, due to several corporate mergers, Warner Bros. got the rights back!

Flamingo Road was still relatively popular when NBC announced its cancellation in the spring of 1982. It just couldn't gain enough viewership due to the competition in its time slot from ABC which was airing the huge hit series, "Hart to Hart". Many potential viewers hated missing Flamingo Road but just couldn't bear missing Hart to Hart. Whether or not the series would have flourished in another time slot will continue to be a TV mystery!

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