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Series Description

The Felicity TV show was a 60 minute drama series on the WB Network (now the CW Network). It was about a young woman ("Felicity") who followed the young man ("Ben") that she had secretly admired for four years of High School when he moved to New York State to attend a University. Regrettably, Ben had no attraction for Felicity and broke her heart! After just a bit of time though, Felicity got herself together and moved on to other things.

Felicity Cast

Keri Russell .... Felicity Porter
Amy Jo Johnson .... Julie Emrick
Scott Foley .... Noel Crane
Amanda Foreman .... Megan Rotundi Blumberg
Scott Speedman .... Ben Covington
Tangi Miller .... Elena Tyler
Ian Gomez .... Javier Clemente Quintata
Robert Patrick Benedict .... Richard Coad
Greg Grunberg .... Sean Blumberg

Felicity Trivia:

The creator of the Felicity TV show, "J.J. Abrams" has stated that he once had the idea to have Felicity become a federal agent during a summer vacation from school. That never happened but the idea did result in another Abrams' TV series titled, "Alias"! Some of the scenes in the first episode of Alias were actually shot on Felicity's set!

The college that Felicity went to in order to be near Ben was called the University of New York. The college was fictional but loosely modeled after the real life New York University.

The first was about Felicity Porter's freshman year. The second season of Felicity was about her sophomore year, the third her junior year, and the fourth was about her senior year!

When Felicity moved to the college dormitory, she found herself attracted to the dorm's resident advisor (Noel Crane) and they became romantically involved. Many of the show's most powerful scenes were when Felicity, Ben, and Noel would all came into contact!

Scott Speedman was not the first actor to get the role as Ben Covington. Scott Foley was given that role first. During casting, however, the producers couldn't find anyone they liked for the role of Noel Crane. Someone decided that Scott Foley would be perfect for that role so they cast him as Noel and gave Speedman the Ben Covington role.

It's often hilarious when there's a blooper that no one in editing catches! In episode #58, "Blackout", Sean reset a digital clock once the power came back on to 11:45. In the very next shot, we saw the clock saying that it was 10:11!

In an episode near the end of season two, Megan told Elena that she had gone out with a guy named "Chad Savage". Chad Savage is the name of one of Felicity's producers.

Keri Russell won a Golden Globe Award in 1999 for "Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Drama"! That's pretty impressive when you take into account that she beat out fellow nominees "Julianna Margulies (ER TV Show)", "Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue)", "Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel)", and "Gillian Anderson (The X-Files)"!

Robert Primes won an Emmy, also in 1999, for "Outstanding Cinematography for a Series" on episode #14, "Todd Mulcahy - Part 2"!

The Felicity TV show's ratings dropped significantly in the second season when the series was moved to Sunday nights. Of course, the WB executives that decided to move the series' time slot weren't going to take the blame so they said that the writers were at fault because they had Felicity Porter cut her hair! The producers even told all other Cast to not change their appearance in any way! Oh well ... the head honchos are never wrong are they?

One of the Felicity TV show's writers, "Riley Weston", was at the center of an unusual controversy! She had claimed to be only nineteen-years-old and the WB Network publicized her amazing writing skills for one so young! She was even featured in the October 1998 issue of Entertainment Weekly as one of the "100 Most Creative People in Entertainment". Then Disney Studios offered her a $500,000 contract to come to work for them as a screenwriter! Unfortunately, when one of the Felicity producers ran a check on her, they discovered that she was really 32-years-old! To say the least, both the WB and Disney dropped her like a hot potato!

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