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Farmer's Daughter Cast

Series Description

The Farmer's Daughter TV show was a 30 minute situation comedy series on ABC about a woman who wanted a government job teaching children in the Congo and contacts her Congressman for help. When she barged her way in to see him, he's initially perturbed but also noticed how well she interacted with his children. He was a widower and needed help to raise the kids so he hired her. Her "common-folk" outlook at issues become a great help to the Congressman.

Farmer's Daughter Cast

Inger Stevens .... Katrin Holstrum
William Windom .... Congressman Glen Morley
Cathleen Nesbitt .... Agatha Morley
Mickey Sholdar .... Steve Morley
Rory O'Brien .... Danny Morley
Philip Coolidge .... Chester Cooper
Walter Sande .... Papa Lars Holstrum
David Lewis .... Senator Charles Ames
Emmaline Henry .... Clemmy Hoyle
Alice Frost .... Mama Holstrum
Jeanette Nolan .... Cousin Stella
Nancy Rennick .... Margaret
Barbara Bostock .... Margaret
Nancy DeCarl .... Pa
Marilyn Lovell .... Charlotte
Shelley Morrison .... Molly

Farmer's Daughter Trivia:

There was a theatrical movie also titled, "The Farmer's Daughter" in 1947 that inspired this TV Series.

101 episodes of the Farmer's Daughter TV Show aired from 1963-1966.

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