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The Fanelli Boys Cast

Series Description

The The Fanelli Boys TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about a woman whose husband had passed away and her sons were all grown up and gone. She was ready to sell her home in Brooklyn and move to Florida when her sons all appeared at her door. Each of them had managed to screw up their lives in one way or another and decided to come home to the comfort of mommy! Would mom be able to straighten out the lives of her immature sons? Would she ever get to stop being a mommy and enjoy her well-earned freedom?

The Fanelli Boys Cast

Ann Morgan Guilbert .... Theresa Fanelli
Joe Pantoliano .... Dominic "Dom" Fanelli
Christopher Meloni .... Frankie Fanelli
Ned Eisenberg .... Anthony Fanelli
Andy Hirsch .... Ronnie Fanelli
Richard Libertini .... Father Angelo Lombardi
Nick DeMauro .... Eddie DeTucci
Nicholas Mele .... Pete the Bartender
Vera Lockwood .... Philamena

The Fanelli Boys Trivia

The Fanelli Boys TV show pilot episode aired on a Saturday and then the next episode was broadcast four days later on Wednesday at 9:00PM. In that time slot, it had to compete with two very popular shows! "Doogie Howser, M.D." was on ABC and the first half of "Jake and the Fatman" was on CBS! It was moved a couple of times after that to time slots with less competition but The Fanelli Boys never got good enough ratings to survive.

Each of the Fanelli boys had their own reason to seek mom out for comfort. Dominic was a hustler who wasn't very successful at it, Frankie had just been dumped by his fiancee because her couldn't keep his hands off other women, Anthony had taken over the family funeral parlor found himself saddled with $25,000 of debt, and Ronnie had no future prospects after dropping out of school.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Fanelli Boys - The First and Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/8/1990)
  2. You Can Go Home Again (9/12/1990)
  3. Pursued (9/19/1990)
  4. The Hex (9/26/1990)
  5. Heart Attack (10/3/1990)
  6. Take My Ex-Wife, Please (10/10/1990)
  7. Poetic Justice (10/24/1990)
  8. Father Smoke (10/31/1990)
  9. Tarnished Angel (11/7/1990)
  10. The Two Doms (11/14/1990)
  11. An Italian-American Gigolo (12/1/1990)
  12. A Fanelli Christmas (Clip Show) (12/8/1990)
  13. Oh My Papas (12/15/1990)
  14. Accidents Will Happen (1/5/1991)
  15. Doctor, Doctor (1/12/1991)
  16. Rope a Dope (1/19/1991)
  17. The Undergraduate (2/2/1991)
  18. The Wedding - Part 1 (2/9/1991)
  19. The Wedding - Part 2 (2/16/1991)

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